Mrs. Perkins  Class of 2023
Welcome back to school!  I look forward to meeting you at Open House on Thursday 8/21 ...or first day of school Monday 8/25
Our supply list is as follows;

2014 - 2015 Supply List

Mrs. Pat Perkins   Grade 4 room 4

Meadow Lane Elementary School 

1 clipboard

12  #2 pencils  (provide self more as needed during the year)

soft pencil case/zippered

1 composition/journal book

2 packages wide ruled notebook paper

NOTEBOOKS:  no binders

2 single subject spiral notebooks (math, LA)


2… two-pocket folders (math, writing)

a box of no more than 24 crayons

1  glue stick

package of eraser caps

colored pen (any color for checking)

hi-lighter  (any color)

unscented tissue

hand sanitizer


Wish List


EXPO markers

More tissues

liquid hand soap

Zip-loc storage bags…any /all sizes

Disinfectant wipes

Paper towels


I will provide scissors, rulers, and an agenda book.

You may bring colored pencils.


Daily snack will be eaten mid-morning.  Please be sure snack is nutritious. Please no soft drinks.


Please leave the following items at home:  

 large binders, ALL TOYS this includes any  Bandz(s), and or trading cards, individual pencil sharpeners, and candy (unless it is a treat for the entire class)


School Board Policy prohibits the following on campus:

Roller blades, scooter, skateboards, wheelies, cell phones, beepers, knives and/or any item that can be mistaken as a weapon.


Thank you!