Meadow Lane Elementary's Physical Education Teachers for the 2013-2014 School year are:sports equipment
Jody Parker
Danny Stanley
Joe Strouse
Teachers whose names are underlined have a classroom website.  If you click on their name you will be redirected to their website.
 Welcome to P.E.!
This is how your child should dress for PE at Meadow Lane Elementary.  Please remind your students to wear tennis shoes, shorts, pants or skorts but no dresses, skirts, sandals, flip-flops, gators, crocs and boots of any kind.  We are very active during this time. The students are constantly moving, performing various locomotor skills, dancing, throwing, catching and a number of other activities.  We ask that they come to class dressed appropriately because of safety reasons.  The tennis shoes they wear give them more support and are less likely to come off while running or causing them to fall because of slipping off their feet.  We are constantly getting down on the floor so a dress would not be appropriate for that.  If your child is having problems remembering the day they have PE, please remind them so they can come prepared to participate.  Just as the classroom teacher need certain supplies for your child to be successful; we need your child to come to Physical Education dressed appropriately to participate to be successful and safe.
Encourage your children to be active every day for 30-60 minutes.  Limit the amount of their TV time and have your children go outside and play!
   Dates To Remember 
   March - April 2014 Physical Fitness Post-test.
   May 2, 2014   FUN DAY 
   Fitness Stations 
   Throw & Go
   Crab Soccer