Welcome to the homework page for
eighth grade students!

The eighth grade team consists of the following teachers:

     We're so glad you are checking our homework website.  This is the place to check for school news as well.  To view our individual class sites, go back one click to the Class Website page and find our individual names.  If you want to email us, just add @wcps.org at the end of our names. For example, julieslye@wcps.org.  See you in class...with your homework!  :)
If your child received a notice on his/her report card notifying you he/she has a PEP, please call, email, or send a note in to schedule a time to meet with the teachers and sign this document.
SCHS News:
The second nine week grading period ends on Jan. 16.  
No school Jan. 19-21
Report cards go home Jan. 23 
Algebra and Grade 8 Math: (3/20)
Algebra - p.326 # 's 8-13, 23-26, 31-38
Grade 8 Math - None
Social Studies: 
Science:  Review classification notes! Grading period ends this Friday. Make up work is due on Friday.
Mon., 3/16- research paper
Tues., 03/17-research paper
Wed., 03/18- research paper
Thurs., 03/19-research paper
   Dates for projects, essays, tests, quizzes, etc.
Literary Project information is on my website.  Project is due on Mar. 27
Vocabulary Quizzes 10 and 9b-March13
Research Paper-March 31



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