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eighth grade students!

The eighth grade team consists of the following teachers:

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If your child received a notice on his/her report card notifying you he/she has a PEP, please call, email, or send a note in to schedule a time to meet with the teachers and sign this document.
** Progress Reports were sent home Weds., Nov. 19!  Please sign and send back to the teachers.
SCHS News:
  • Welcome to 8th Grade!!
Algebra and Grade 8 Math: (12/20)
Algebra - Finish Workbook p.99-100 #'s 1-12, 23-26, 31, 32
Grade 8 Math - Finish Angles Worksheet
Social Studies: Avatar essay due 12/1/14, no exceptions.
Science: Review energy notes, we will have a test Thursday Dec. 11.
M/11/24-Study for unit 5 quiz
T/11/25-Have a Happy Thanksgiving
Extra Credit:  Complete units 1-4 in vocabulary book.
    due Monday, December 1 (This has been offered for 
   extra credit since the day the books were issued.)
Monday, Dec. 1-Vocabulary Unit 6, 6a-Copy words, complete definitions, synonyms, and antonyms onto your own paper (preferably into your composition book); work on vocabulary unit 6 book work.
Tuesday, Dec. 2-Vocabulary Unit 6, 6a-Write sentences or complete some form of writing that involves using all words; work on vocab. unit  book work.
Wednesday, Dec. 3-Vocabulary Unit 6, 6a-Create memory aids to assist you in learning words; work on vocab. unit 6 work.
Thursday, Dec. 4- Be sure all of the above written work is completed; work on vocab. unit 6 book work; work on vocab. unit  6 work.
Friday, Dec. 5- All written work listed above is due, all vocab. unit 6 book work is due Monday.
Monday, Dec. 8-Study for vocabulary unit 6, 6a quiz.  
Tuesday, Dec. 9-Study for vocabulary unit 6, 6a quiz 
              Extra vocabulary practice is available on my webpage.
   Dates for projects, essays, tests, quizzes, etc.
Vocabulary Quiz 6a-December 10-2nd period only
Vocabulary Quiz 6-December 10



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