Welcome Parents and Students!!

For the Spring 2015 semester I am currently teaching a Math 2 course and two courses of Advanced Functions & Modeling this semester. Each class will have a final exam that is not teacher made. The Math 2 class will be taking an MSL Exam based off the Common Core Standards. The Advanced Functions & Modeling class will be taking an MSL Exam based off the Standard Course of Study.
All classes will be engaging in an Interactive Math Notebook this semester. This notebook contains foldables and guided notes to help students learn all math concepts. It is very important that you are in class each day and if absent you make up the pages you have missed while absent. You will find blank foldable pages as well as a picture of the finish product under your class page. Please do not get behind!
You can also find the syllabus and classroom documents under the class pages listed to the left. 
Please feel free to contact me at school during my planning period if you have any questions. My planning period is during 2nd period from 9:35 - 11:05.
Name: Christie Bradshaw
Email Address: christiebradshaw@wcps.org
School Phone number: (919) 751-7160

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Last Modified on January 28, 2015