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Name: Andrietta Liaudaitis
Email Address: andriettaliaudaitis@wcps.org
Phone number: (919) 751-7160
                                   Daily Schedule:
            .   Block1 Planning                                               
               Block 2 ESL                                         
            Block 3 ESL
            Block 4 ESL
The English as a Second Language program at Spring Creek High School services
students in grades 9-12, follows the North Carolina curriculum and is aligned with 
the NC Learning Standards for ESL. It is a program designed to teach English to
non-English speaking students from any and all language backgrounds. It is a 
progressive approach incorporating the four skills of language acquisition (listening,
speaking, reading and writing) with emphasis on the academic content areas so that 
at all levels of instruction, students are provided with the necessary language tools 
to help them be successful in the mainstream classroom.  







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