This nine weeks, we will be working on research projects in conjunction with Mrs. Slye's science class.  We will continue to work on vocabulary, will be rewriting our first argumentative paper after the Christmas break, writing a movie critique based on a movie viewed in Mr. Sessler's class and we will be writing several short response to literature papers based on the readings in Mrs. Seiglie's class.
By this time in the school year, your student is expected to complete vocabulary assignments without constant reminders from me. Sometimes this results in a drop in quiz grades, so please encourage your student to be responsible.  
I hope everyone enjoys the holidays.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, concerns, compliments, or complaints.  I may be reached at school via telephone or notes, and you may also feel free to email me.
Thank you,
Tammy Kennedy
919-751-7160 ext. 4449

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