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Hello ! Welcome to Mr. Beamon's wonderful world of science

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Fall 2014 Schedule for Mr. Beamon:

1st Block: Physical Science
2nd Block: Planning 
3rd Block: Physical Science
4th Block: Physical Science 

digging dinos  
Joseph C. Beamon (that's me in the picture, guess which one!)
Science Department Chair, SCHS
Email Address:
Phone number: 751-7160
List of supplies all of my students will need:
- 1 three-ring binder
- loose paper to put in the binder
- scientific calculator ($10.00 on average)
- pencils and pens*
     *These will not be provided for you.  Bring your own.
I use to send out messages to students & parents about what is happening in class, including upcoming tests, changes to scheduled events, when progress reports are going out, etc.  It is completely anonymous in that I will never see your contact information, and you will never see mine.  Just click the link below to open up a new window with instructions on how to get my updates either as a text or as an email. 
Instructions for receiving Mr. Beamon's class messages for parents and students: