When can I enroll my child?
While our office is open M-F, 7:45-3:15, we recommend you call to schedule an enrollment appointment.  If you bring all required documents, most new students can start school the same day they enroll. 
Who can enroll my child?
The parent/ legal guardian MUST accompany the student to enroll. NC law requires children under age 18 be enrolled by a legal parent or guardian. The student must reside with the legal parent/ guardian and must live in the CBA HS school district. 

Who is a legal parent/guardian?
A legal guardian is one who has been designated by the courts. Family members, relatives or friends cannot enroll a student unless proof of custody is presented (i.e. court order, adoption). The “power of attorney” or other forms of notarized statements DO NOT meet the requirement for enrolling a student in Wayne County Public Schools.

Please bring the following items with you to the enrollment appointment:
1. 2 proofs of address in the CBA HS district (ex: driver's license, utility bill, rent receipt, tax bill, military ID)
2. Immunization Records
3. Physical Health Assessment (required for students enrolling in a NC public school for the first time)
4. Student birth certificate
5. High school transcript
6. Official withdrawal from previous school
7. Photo ID of the adult enrolling the student
8. Proof of custody (if applicable)
Withdrawal Procedures
  1. If you know the last day of attendance in advance, please contact your child's school counselor so that we can help you with a smooth transition. Parent contact is required before withdrawing any student.
  2. On the morning of the student's last full day, he/she must see his/her school counselor to obtain a withdrawal form. The student will take the form to all classes and have each teacher record a withdrawal grade. Class books, supplies, locks, uniforms, library books, etc. must also be turned in at this time.  All fees must be cleared prior to withdrawal.
  3.  At the end of the day, the student will bring the completed withdrawal form back to the counselor for a final signature. The counselor will put the form in a sealed envelope along with an official transcript. DO NOT open the envelope! Give the sealed documents to the new school at the time of enrollment.
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