NEW SCHOOL HOURS: 7:30 AM - 2:45 PM 
Buses will use the front of the building entrance to drop off and pick-up daily.
Car riders will use to the side entrance to drop off and pick up students. 
EWE Staff  on duty will assist each bus and car rider safely to their destination.
Classes will begin each day promptly at 7:30 am. Students can arrive each day as early as 7:00 AM. Breakfast will be served daily from 7:00 am - 7:25 am. Upon arrival, students are to report to the cafeteria, gym or computer lab until dismissed to class. The tardy bell will sound at 7:30 am daily. 
Classes will dismiss each day at promptly 2:45 pm. Upon dismissal, students will to report to designated area until dismissed as a car or bus rider. EWE Car riders will be dismissed first. 
Please be reminded: 
For the safety of our students, parents are asked not use the bus driveway. Parents should only use the front of the building when picking up or dropping off students between the hours of 8:00 am - 2:00 pm and parking in the front parking lot. 
For early pick -up, parents are asked to report the office, speak with the receptionist, and wait in the lobby until your child is brought to the office. Please be reminded that it is important that your is in attendance daily from 7:30 am - 2:45 pm to guarantee their educational success. 
                                                                         "EWE is the place to be. Come grow with me!" 
8:15 am Tardy Bell - Be in Homeroom
3:10 pm Car / Van Dismissal
3:15 Bus Dismissal
Students are expected to be on time and in attendance each day.  All absences require a note signed by the parent stating the reason for the absence.  The following constitute lawful reasons for absences: illness or injury, quarantine, death in the immediate family, medical or dental appointments, court proceedings, religious observances, educational opportunities (upon approval by the principal.) After 20 unexcused absences for the year the student will not be promoted unless a waiver is obtained.

Students who are tardy miss the most important part of the day.  The tardy bell rings at 8:10 AM.  Students should be in their classes at this time.  In accordance with county policy, three unexcused tardies are counted as one absence.
Parents must come to the office in order to sign a student in or out.  Students will not be called from class until parent(s) arrive at school.  A note must be received in order for a student to be released to someone other than legal guardians.

In order to maximize learning for all students, we need to decrease classroom disruptions and avoid all disturbances. As part of our school’s attendance policy, we ask that students be released from class only for emergencies.  The following are not considered to be emergencies: 1. Going out of town 2. Avoiding afternoon traffic problems 3. Attending personal conveniences.  Parents are strongly encouraged to make every effort to schedule medical and dental appointments after school hours.
In order to guarantee your child’s safety and to protect learning time for all students, all visitors and parents must report to the office upon arrival on campus.  Visitors and parents must obtain a visitor pass from the office before proceeding to any classroom.  All volunteers will sign in and pick up a volunteer badge to be worn while on campus.

Students are encouraged to eat breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria.  Canned or bottled drinks may not be brought to school unless in thermos containers.
A safe and orderly environment must be maintained at all times.  Our major aim is to help students become self-disciplined individuals who are capable of managing and directing their own behavior.  Discipline is a joint effort between the school and home.  A copy of each teacher’s classroom discipline policy is sent home at the beginning of the school year.


(Copy of Wayne County Public School Student Dress Code and Appearance Policy # 4305 will be sent home with each student.)

1. Students are expected to practice good personal hygiene and to dress appropriately at all times.
2. Hats may be worn outside the building only.
3. Shoes must be worn at all times.
4. Clothing with disruptive words or pictures or any type of dress that might disrupt the educational program may not be worn at school.
5. The administration shall have the right to appraise any fashion.
Students will not be permitted to be called from class to answer the phone except in emergency situations.

School officials have the right to search a student bookbags in accordance with NC General Statutes and under the conditions outlined in Policy No. 4343.  A copy of that policy will be sent to parents.
Any student who rides a bus other than the one assigned must bring a note signed by the parent specifying the bus number and reason for riding another bus.

The school bus and the school bus stop are considered an extension of the school. Therefore, the Wayne County Public School System Discipline Policies, which each student receives at the beginning of the school year, will cover discipline at school, on the bus, at the bus stop and in any school sponsored bus trips.

1. Follow all bus rules.
2. Remain in your seat.
3. Speak quietly.
4. Keep hands and fee to yourself.
5. Treat others as you want to be treated.
1. No student will be released to any person unless prior approval is received by the school office from parents of the student to be released.
2. It shall be the policy of Eastern Wayne Elementary to release children to bona fide parents upon the request of either parent.  If the principal does not know the parent, the principal may require satisfactory identification before release of the child
3.In the event one parent requests that his/her child not be released to the other parent, the parent shall be informed that the child shall be released to either parent upon request.
4. If either parent submits a valid court order issued in the State of North Carolina awarding custody, that court order will be followed.

Extreme weather conditions may sometimes cause school to be delayed, dismissed early, and/or closed. Local radio and television stations will provide specific information.  If inclement weather should cause early dismissal, buses will operate.  Parents should be sure that students know where they are to go when school dismisses early.
In order for any prescribed medicine to be administered at school, a physician must complete and sign an “Authorization for Medications to be Taken During School Hours” form.  In order for over the counter medicines and student-administered medications to be given, the parent must complete and sign the form.  Exact dosage and time of delivery must be written on the bottle.  Any changes must be in writing.  It is important for the teacher and the principal to be made aware of any medical information, including chronic illnesses, physical disabilities, convulsive disorders, allergies, sensitivities, diabetes, etc.
Report cards are issued four times a year.  Kindergarten report cards are issued at the end of each semester.  Conferences may be arranged by contacting the student’s teacher. A Report of Declining Progress will be sent home at any time during the year that student performance begins to decline.

Academic awards will be made at the end of each grading period.  Students making all A’s will be placed on the Principal’s List.  Students making no grade below a B will be placed on the Honor Roll.  Beginning with the second grading period, students who improved by one letter grade in any academic subject while maintaining all other grades will be On-A-Roll. The student in each homeroom who has shown the most improvement since the previous grading period will be named Most Improved.  Students must have no academic grade lower than S to be eligible for academic awards.
Elementary (Grade 3) – Gateway 1

Students in grade 3 shall achieve at or above a level 3 proficiency level on the North Carolina End-of-Grade (EOG) tests in reading and mathematics and demonstrate satisfactory classroom performance to be promoted to grade 4. The effective date is 2001-02.

Elementary (Grade 5) –Gateway 2

Students in grade 5 shall demonstrate proficiency by having test scores at level 3 or above on the North Carolina End-of Grade Tests in both reading and mathematics. Additionally, the grade 4 writing assessment shall be used as a screen to determine whether students are making adequate progress in developing writing skills.  The effective date is 2000-01
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