Lateral Entry Teacher Program (Teach Now With a 4yr Degree)

If you have a Bachelors degree with at least 24 credit hours in a core subject area from an accredited college or university, you may be able to begin teaching immediately as a Lateral Entry teacher. As a lateral entry teacher, you will receive full salary and benefits while you complete additional college courses to receive teacher certification. At least six semester hours of the outline coursework must be taken each school year and you are allowed 3 years to complete your certification.
Below you will find the conditions necessary to become a lateral entry teacher. Printable resources as well as weblinks are also available below if you need more information.

N.C. Lateral Entry Teacher Requirements

• The applicant and the employing school system must submit a joint application to the Licensure Section.

• Individuals licensed through lateral entry must complete an approved education program in their area of licensure at a college or university or through a Regional Alternative Licensing Center (RALC). The college or RALC evaluates the individual’s credentials and outlines the coursework necessary to earn a clear license. Successful teaching experience can substitute for the student teaching requirement.

• An initial Lateral Entry license is valid for three school years. A minimum of six semester hours of the outlined coursework must be completed each school year. Lateral Entry employees must meet all program requirements within three years.

• Lateral Entry employees must earn the required score on the designated Praxis Series specialty area test(s) or subject assessment test(s) before the end of their third year of employment. (Exception: Praxis tests must be passed before employment can take place in the areas of Elementary Education and Special Education based on No Child Left Behind regulations.)

• Lateral Entry license holders are subject to all regulations that apply to other beginning teachers in North Carolina. They must successfully complete three years of teaching in the Initial Licensure Program before their licenses can be converted from lateral entry to a clear Standard Professional II license. Lateral Entry employees retain initial status throughout the entire period during which they complete academic and testing requirements.

• Individuals entering public school service through Lateral Entry must complete a two week training course prior to service in the schools or submit evidence of equivalent training. The required training may include effective teaching methods, classroom management and discipline procedures, and an orientation to local school policies and procedures.

• For a Lateral Entry license to remain valid, the holder must meet the testing and progressive credit requirements within the three-year limit whether or not he or she continues to be employed in North Carolina school system.

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