Membership in the Spanish Honor Society is by invitation based on student performance in Spanish Studies.  Invitations are extended to students who COMPLETE Spanish I with a grade of 95, seniors who complete one semester of Spanish II with a grade of 95, and students who enroll in Spanish III.  Underclassmen Spanish II students are invited to join after successfully completing the course with 95 or better.
A student receives only one invitation to join and must accept at that time to be eligible for any club benefits.
Dues are $15

Each member will receive a card and pin upon joining.  They may attend all meetings and activities as long as they remain in good standing.  Those members who meet academic requirements and remain in good standing are eligible to receive a cord at graduation.
  • Continuous club membership in good standing from the time of induction
  • Completion of Spanish II with an average of 95 or above or Spanish III with an average of 85 or above
  • Only club members are eligible for cords