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Wayne County Public Schools offers online interactive CTE practice tests to help students prepare for the CTE post assessments.  A user name and password is required to access the tests.  Only one request per school will be processed per school so please read and follow directions.  To request user names and passwords for your school, complete the form below.  CURRICULUM NOTICE:  Some CTE curriculums have changed and others may be subject to change.  Please be advised that these tests have not been updated in response to any CTE curriculum changes.
NEW!  Microsoft IT Academy Practice Tests for Access and Excel 2010 Now Available! 
  • Your request will not be processed if you do not read and follow directions on the request form and you will not receive a notification that your request has been discarded.
  • Most requests are processed within 3 business days.  You will receive a confirmation email with complete details for using the online practice tests.
Enter your user name and password carefully.  Locked accounts will not be unlocked! 
Presented by the Career and Technical Education Department in association with Wayne County Public Schools Information and Technology Services 
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