All seniors presenting for specific semester have opportunity to select a preferred date and time.  It is very important that you make yourself available for the day that you request!  If you have a job, request to be off this day.  Athletes should not schedule on game days!  
Fall 2013
Spring 2014
Presentation Rubric       
Review the rubric to determine what is required for SATISFACTORY 
Presentations will be scheduled during the semester in which you have Senior English.  Presentations should be 5-10 minutes in length and include at least one visual to help your evaluation panel better understand your topic.  A photo of your visual, copies of the slides, or a copy of the video should be included in your portfolio. 
Your PRODUCT  (If you built a cabinet, or made a scrapbook, prepared a dish, BRING it other visual needed)
Your visual can be:
  • Items or tools used for the career, hobby, or service 
  • Video Presentation
  • PowerPoint or other slide show presentation
  • Tri-Fold (Only needed if your product is NOT a physical item such as community service or job shadowing)
Your visual  (if a PowerPoint or Tri-Fold) should include pictures of you doing something related to this topic!
Because the presentation will conclude with questions from the evaluation panel, it is important that you are familiar with information about your chosen topic.  Presentations will be held after school on designated days as per the CBA Graduation Project calendar.  The completed portfolio must be submitted by the deadline and approved by the evaluation panel in order to be scheduled for the Presentation component.  

(This will be picked up on the evening of your presentation and should be returned when you review your scores sheets on the following day)