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This week we are studying how to spell the plural form of words by adding s, es, or ies.  We are looking for words in magazines and using them to make a tree map to show our work.  We also use our word wall on a daily basis to help with our study of words.  The word wall consists of all sight words; words that are commonly found while reading.  Our spelling tests will consist of at least 10 word wall words, which may seem funny because the word is on the wall...available to your child to copy!! This is to get your child used to knowing where to look for help when spelling these words in their writing.  We also use the word wall to build new words by using the letter patterns that we already know.
Time to Read!!! Read for at least 20 minutes outisde of class every day!
We try to write at least 3 times a week. All writing will be kept at school either in your child's writing folder or portfolio.  You are welcome to stop by to view any writing done by your child!! They are PRECIOUS!  In second grade we focus on mostly personal narratives, including the use of DETAILS in our writing.  In the next couple of weeks, your child will be writing a poem.  We will take our finished pieces and have them published in a class book.  More information coming soon!!
Last Modified on January 13, 2010