Discipline and Consequences

  1. The following is the discipline procedure that will be used by the Grantham Coaching Staff.
    • Level One: Coach's Discipline.  The coach will use his or her judgment to determine the discipline necessary.         
    • Level Two: Coach's Discipline plus a one game suspension
    • Level Three:  Dismissal from team

                Please note the following:

A.      ISS is an automatic Level Two Offense
B.    OSS is an automatic Level Two Offense -(in most cases, if they receive OSS, they have already been through the process of being warned on several occasions for behavior)   If they receive OSS for more than 3 days they will be automatically dismissed from the team.  Any offense deserving of more than 3 days of OSS is the result of something very severe (see C below) or is the result of constant warnings and previous office / ISS referrals.

C.      In the case of any malicious act the coach and /or administrators can bypass all Levels of Discipline and dismiss the athlete from the team.  In other words, there are some acts that do not deserve three levels of discipline.  They would call for immediate dismissal.  Examples would be starting a fight, hazing a teammate or classmate, bullying, being caught with drugs or weapons, and/or stealing from teammates.  Being disrespectful to any staff member can be grounds for skipping levels of discipline as well.

2.       The winter sports season will be the only time that a student will be allowed to play two sports at one time.  This would allow a student to play basketball and cheer.

3.         If a student quits a team during one season they may not play another sport during that season.  For example, if a student quits the football team they will not be able to play soccer.  Depending on the circumstances, if a student does quit a team it could jeopardize their chances at making another team later in the year. 
4.     If a student is dismissed from a team due to conduct and/or academics, they need to understand that they have seriously jeopardized their chances at making another team.  Student conduct and student academics are extremely important to our athletic program.  If a student's grades are suffering they should talk to their coach and explain the issue.  The coach will work with the student and parents in an effort to bring his/her scores up.
We will hold our athletes to a higher standard because we expect them to be examples of what a Grantham Bulldog should be.
Last Modified on June 22, 2014