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Coach Christy House
5-8 Physical Education

2013 Middle SchoolVolleyball Schedule

  • All games will be held on Mondays and Thursdays unless noted beside the game.  Games will begin at 4pm.
  • Admission to all games will be $2 for students and $4 for adults.
  • For Grantham home games we do have available Athletic Passes which can be purchased for the year.  These passes will get you and all members of your family (mother, father, children, living in the same household) into all Grantham home games for the remainder of the year.  To purchase game passes see Coach Bradley or Coach Wingate. 
  • Passes are $


9th - Spring Creek @ Grantham
12th -Eastern Wayne @ Grantham
16th - bye (no game.  Practice as usual)
19th - Grantham @ Brogden
23rd - Grantham @ Rosewood
26th - Greenwood @ Grantham
30th - Dillard @ Grantham
3rd - Grantham @ Norwayne
7th - Grantham @ Eastern Wayne
10th - Mount Olive @ Grantham
14th - Brogden @ Grantham
17th - Rosewood @ Grantham
21st - Grantham @ Greenwood
24th - Grantham @ Dillard
30th - Grantham @ Spring Creek (Wednesday)**moved due to safety concern at SCHS gym
31st - bye (No.  Practice as usual)
4th - Norwayne @ Grantham
6th - Grantham @ Mount Olive (Wednesday)




Last Modified on October 30, 2013