School Volunteer FAQs

WCPS School Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who do I contact for information? Your school volunteer coordinator 
  2. May  I have lunch with my child/grandchild without volunteer badge? Yes 
  3. May I use my personal car when volunteering for field trips? Yes 
  4. May my child/grandchild ride with me? Permission granted from school 
  5. What happens when a parent is denied as volunteer? A letter will be mailed from HR 
  6. Is my social security number safe with the background check process? The WCPS HR Department cannot view your entire social security number. Only the last four digits are printed on the background check. The following is BIB’s detailed information regarding security of social security numbers and other personnel information.
    BIB retains records to comply with the limitation of liability action per the FCRA. The FCRA requires records to be retained at minimum, for five years.  BIB retains records for a minimum of six years.  Records are held in secured computer system databases and/or a secure location with limited access.  After a minimum of six years, records are destroyed by way of BIB’s record destruction policy.  In response to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act) and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, (GLB Act), BIB maintains a Record Destruction Policy requiring all consumer and client information be disposed of securely as to render information inaccessible, unreadable, and/or unrecoverable; the following methods are currently in place:
       1) Pulverizing and/or shredding
       2) Destroy or erase electronic files, and/or
       3) After conducting due diligence, has retained the services of a document destruction company.
    In addition, paper documents containing personally identifiable information (particularly name, date of birth, and SSN), retained at individual desks/workstations, are destroyed or made inaccessible no later than the end of each work day.  
    No more than the final four digits of a Social Security Number are communicated in any form. When use of full Social Security Number and other sensitive data elements are needed internally or externally, the data exposed is limited to only that which is needed for the specific business purpose which has been identified. All communications of Social Security Number or other sensitive data elements outside the BIB environment are done so in secure transport methods. 
  7. Will HR provide additional information on the approved volunteer list?HR will provide a list of approved volunteers and name of first school selected. Email will be sent out every Tuesday and Thursday. 
  8. Will an approved volunteer have to submit to a background check every year? Yes. Volunteer badges expire at the end of each school year. Beginning July 1st, one must submit to a new background check to receive a volunteer badge.  
  9. How do we obtain more information about the approved volunteer? The school volunteer applications data is sent to each school by the Communications and Public Relations Office.  
  10. Why must I have a criminal background check to participate in volunteer activities at my child’s school? The safety of all students in Wayne County Public Schools is our first priority. While we encourage, appreciate, and celebrate parental involvement in your child’s school, it’s important that we avoid any situation in which a volunteer might compromise student safety. 
  11. What’s the difference between volunteering and parent involvement? Volunteering takes involvement to another level in activities with potential contact with students. Individuals are defined as volunteers if participating in activities in which all students are not under the supervision of their parents/guardians. For instance, if a book fair takes place during the school day and the teacher brings the class to the fair, volunteers would have to possess an approved background check. A book fair in the evening in which students are accompanied by parents would not require volunteers with approved background checks. 
  12. I don’t want to be a chaperone on a field trip - I simply want to go along to accompany my child. Can I do this without submitting a volunteer application form? We understand your interest in accompanying your own child. However, any adult on a field trip is going to be potentially involved with other children. Teachers cannot monitor which parents on the trip are cleared and which are not. For the safety of your child and all children, it’s important that any adult on a field trip be cleared as an approved volunteer. 
  13. Isn’t it my right to be able to accompany my child? We understand how you might feel this way. Field trips and similar educational opportunities are school activities that are provided for your child, and there’s no requirement for you to 
     WCPS School Volunteer  Frequently Asked Questions  participate in order for him/her to take part. However, accompanying your child on a field trip is a volunteer activity.  
  14. If I can’t accompany my child, is he/she required to participate? No. You may choose for your child not to participate in the field trip but please remember that field trips are planned as part of the overall educational program of the school and the district attendance policy is in effect. 
  15. Is there an age limit to be a volunteer in WCPS? You must be at least 18 years old to submit a WCPS volunteer application. Individuals under age 18 may volunteer with the permission of the school principal and with parental consent. 
  16. How long does the background check process take? The normal processing time is 7–10 business days. The process may take longer in high volume months such as September, October, January and May. The background check is a national check and some states may take longer to process requests. 
  17. Are college student interns or observers considered school volunteers? All student teacher interns are required to have a background check before beginning their clinical teaching experience. College students conducting  an observation must provide a copy of a background check from their college or university. If one is not available, the Human Resources Department will request a background check. These students are not considered volunteers they are involved in school activities outside of the college/university requirements.  
  18. How do I sign up to be a volunteer? You may go on-line to the WCPS website and fill out the electronic application form at  
  19. If I have additional questions who should I contact? You should first contact the school volunteer coordinator or school principal.  
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