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 Staff Name: Position Description: Telephone Number:
 Berman-Ishee, Tamara

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction  919-705-6173
 Artis, Carol H.  Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction and Federal             Programs 919-705-6166
 Boltinhouse, Beverly  Director of Career and Technical Education 919-705-6190
 Brown, Caroline  Parent Engagement and Federal Programs’ Coordinator 919-736-5073
 Copeland, Kim  Director Specialist of Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Foreign Language 919-705-6193
 Emerson, Sonja Exceptional Children’s Program Manager 919-705-2713
 Giambatista, Cindy  Digital Teaching 919-705-6056
 Grantham, Debbie Assistant Director of Career and Technical Education 919-736-5044
 Hall, Laura Exceptional Children’s Program Compliance Specialist919-705-2706
 Hamm, Michelle Director of Exceptional Children’s Program 919-705-2711
 Herring, Dawn  Assistant Director of Exceptional Children’s Program 919-705-2712
 Kee, BeverlyAssistant Director of Federal Programs  919-705 6185
 Lee, Tisha  Exceptional Children’s Program Compliance Specialist 919-705-2714
 Montague, Sherry  Exceptional Children’s Program Compliance Specialist 919-705-2714                         

Powell, Tameka  Administrative Assistant (C & I) 919-731-5924
 Reynolds, Cynthia  Director of Secondary Education and AdvancED


Rose, Lou Digital Teaching 919-705-6183 
 Smith, Tony  Digital Teaching 919-705-6165
 Smith-Johnson, Dionna  McKinney Vento Liaison Assistan

919-731-5916 Ext 3004
 Stowe, Robbie Administrative Assistant (Title I) 919-705-6168
 Walters, Martha  Administrative Assistant (C & I) 919-705-6174
 Wellington-Whichard, Karen Pre- Kindergarten Coordinator 919-731-5960
 Williams, Amy  AIG Coordinator 919-735-4831
 Williams, Wanda  Administrative Assistant (Ishee) 919-705-6155
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