The following athletes should stay after school on Wednesday August 27th for practice until 5:00pm. This is the final list and these players will represent our school for 2014 season. We will also be selecting two managers for the team from the players that tried out. Players, if you would like to be a team manager see the coach. Parents, please pick up your child in front of the cafeteria at 5:00pm on Wednesday.  


Kaleb Moore
Quinn Caballero
Cade Re
Coltry Hann 
Kai Crawford
Nik Call
Phillip Teachey
Hunter Cotton
Jakob Prebe
Colton Atkinson
Lavanda Kenon
Shaquan Smith
Marcell Coley 
Jaylan Robinson
Jaden Brown
David Bryant
Adrian Lee
Josh Gooding
Tyler Parrish
Jonas Creel
Omar Montgomery
Devajhea Applewhite
Levon Oneal
Amir Fuller
AJ Perry
Seth Shephard
Alijuan Moore 
Blake Dilda
Xavier Eutsey
(Austin Williams)
*James Edwards please see Coach Jernigan