WISH Healthcenter
Hours of operation:  open all days school is in session for students from 7:30 - 3:30
phone number:  (919) 736-8014
fax number:  (919)  736-8085
What is WISH?
WISH stands for Wayne Initiative for School Health.  Its purpose is to render nonprofit schoolbased health care that provided affordable, accessible physical and mental health services to adolescents.  WISH advocates for the health rights of all children and addresses a broad range of needs.
* physical examination, routine lab tests
*  diagnosis and treatment of common medical conditions and minor injuries
*  immunizations
*  mental health services
*  nutritional education and counseling
*  dental screening and education
*  health education
*  stress management, substance abuse and prevention, abstinence teaching and sexually
    transmitted disease education, etc...
How to enroll in WISH
To be eligible to receive services through the WISH centers, a student must have a completed signed WISH Parental Consent Form on file in the WISH center each school year.  Forms are sent home with students at the beginning of each school year.  Parental consent forms are available in the WISH Center throughout the year.
Cost of Services
Students with health insurance or Medicaid will be asked to privide information to allow for billing of mid-level provider (Nurse practitioner) and mental health services.  Students without insurance or health care coverage will be billed on a sliding scale fee.  Sick students that have a signed parental consent form will not be turned away for failing to pay or lack of insurance. 
Program Goal
To help Wayne County students succeed in school by promoting healthy life-styles by providing comprehensive health care services to meet the needs of all students.