Math 2
 (click link below to go to hw:  DO ALL and show work and graphs go on GRAPH paper please)
Videos for Absolute Value (Watch Videos by Monday!)
Graphing absolute value functions
Graphing Absolute value functions using a calculator
Graphing vertical translations of absolute value equations 
Writing an equation for the vertical translation of absolute value equations 
Graphing a horizontal translation of an absolute value equation 
Writing an equation for the horizontal translation of absolute value equations
videos for 1.3 and 1.4
Videos for 2.1
 Videos for REVIEW (direct variation, point slope form, slope intercept form) 
These are to be watched on your own time.
Graphing a linear equation using tables
Indentifying direct variation from a table
Indentifying direct variation from an equation
Write equations to solve direct variation problems
Using a proportion to solve a direct variation problem
Write an equation in point slope form using point and slope
 Write equation in point slope form from a graph
Graphing linear equations using intercepts to solve real world problems
Writing equations of perpendicular and parallel lines
Modeling real world data using linear models
Using two data points to write a linear model
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