At Brogden Primary we implement Vision Management. Each student should set goals and have expectations. I am here to help any student with a behavior problem.. I want each student to demonstrate a change in attitude and have a plan for what they can do differently to correct any misbehavior.  I will encourage them to always believe in themselves, make responsible choices, to set goals and to never give up. I will help them to understand what the B - Attitude mean here at school.  They are Be kind, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be safe at all time here at Brogden Primary School. 


Vision Management

My name is Teresa Keeley Hall from Adel, Ga. I have lived in Dudley for past 23 years. . I am married to Retired Msgt. Dennis Hall Sr. for 28 years and we have three children, Phylicia, 26, Petra, 25, and Dennis Jr. 17. I received my AA degree in Business Administration from Wayne Community in 97’. I have been employed with Wayne County Schools for 9 years.  I am currently employed as the Vision Manager.  I love working with children, teaching them how to respect yourself and others, and also working on making right choices. 

Last Modified on August 26, 2014