Technology Support


ITS Technology is rapidly changing the face of the way we instruct, facilitate and operate at Wayne County Public Schools. There is a great demand for effective and relevant software for classroom instruction, student research, information retrieval, and administration of schools and departments. The requirements for properly operating hardware and peripherals to run these applications are increasing. The staff of the Diagnostic Center daily meets these needs by repairing the computer hardware and other technology used to support the instruction at and administration of our schools and departments. We also provide support for each site's local area computer network and the school system's wide area computer network; consult with principals and administrators on network infrastructure and technology purchases and upgrades, and provide a wide variety of other services.
Repair Requests:
Only designated personnel at each school may submit technology repair request, and only then after basic troubleshooting has been completed at the school level.  Your media coordinator, technology mentor, or principal can identify the repair request coordinator for your location.

Meet Your Technology Support Staff

Robert Yancey 
Director of Education Information Systems
eRate, Tech Plan, Policies, Pricing, Planning 

Muriel Bynum
Help Desk 
Parts, Emp. Email, Phone Support
Jared Travis   Donald

Jared McPhail

Systems Engineer - WAN 
Internet, Firewall, Bells, Paging,
Phones, Voice Mail, Switches/APs 

Travis Rich

Systems Engineer - LAN 
Servers, Antivirus, Filtering, Computrace,
Microsoft, Imaging 

Donald Moore

Special Projects, Technician III 
Switches/APs, Wiring Projects,
Locations: CN, ROY, MNT, TIMS, OPS 




Daniel Uzzell

Technician II 
Schools: GRA, BPS, CAR, RWE, BMS,

 Trey Helms

Technician II 
Schools: NEE, NWE, FRE, SSE, NDE,

April Richardson

Technician II 
Schools: MLE, EWE, TRE, SCE, GWD,

Technology Support offers a wide variety of services to Wayne Co. Public Schools.  Our main work focuses on these areas:

  • Provide repair of technology hardware that supports the instruction in the classroom or the administration of work in the schools, such as computers, monitors, video equipment, projectors, etc.
  • Provide repair and maintenance of the network infrastructure, such as wiring, servers, switches, routers, etc.  This includes the local area networks at each school, enabling each school to share and access instructional and administrative software, as well increase productivity and efficiency.  Also included is the wide area network that connects each location that enables access to online instructional and administrative resources via the Internet and email.
  • Facilitates and maintains reliable access to the Internet within the wide area network interlinking all sites.
  • Upgrade or install additional network infrastructure at each location, as approved by the superintendent and leadership team.
  • Assist in evaluation of school wide instructional software over the local area networks or internet. Consult with schools and central office administrators on planning and implementation of instructional technology.  Assist in making purchasing decisions of new technology.