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WCPS Participates in Severe Weather Awareness Week
On Wednesday, March 6, Wayne County Public Schools will participate in the state tornado drill at 9:30 a.m. The safety drill is part of North Carolina Severe Weather Awareness Week.

“Because severe weather can occur at any time,” states Dr. Michael Dunsmore, WCPS superintendent. “today’s drill is intended to help reinforce emergency response plans across schools and campuses. In addition, school administrators will be able to assess how well their plans are implemented and identify any issues or concerns that may need to be addressed.”

After hearing the announcement for the “tornado warning,” teachers and school administrators will be required to move their students to designated locations in their school. Students and staff in mobile classrooms are also brought into the main building.

“As a reminder, last week the district launched its official mobile app. Recognizing that the threat of severe weather can result in schools dismissing early or after school programs being canceled, those who have the app will get an alert notification on their phone when the district makes these types of announcements,” adds Dr. Dunsmore.