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7th Grade Math Course Syllabus

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Content: Using the North Carolina Core Standards, this course will develop critical thinking skills as well as develop concrete understanding.Technology is used to enhance student learning. It includes the study of Ratios and Proportional Relationships, The Number System, Expressions and Equations, Geometry, Statistics and Probability,and Problem solving.


Materials required: A pencil(s), (2) Composition Notebook, 3x5 index cards, pocket folder(s), highlighters, cap erasers and you will need plenty of loose-leaf paper, we will take notes daily, which will have plenty of examples that will help with homework. Only items necessary for this class may be on your desktop. I will confiscate any items distracting you from your study of math.


Attendance: Regular attendance and consistent study are two factors that contribute greatly to success in school. Attendance is expected. However, if you must miss a class, you are required to make up all missed work. It is the student's responsibility to come to me to get their make-up work. I allow 5 days from the date you return to school to turn in all make-up work or to take test. If an assignment was scheduled before the absence, then it is due upon the student’s return to school.

Late work: Late work will be accepted with 5 points deducted daily until turned in. Students will have ample time to complete assignments.  Time management is important in the 7th grade. The student will receive a zero if assignments are not turned in on time and replaced with late grade when turned in.


Assignments and Projects: Assignments will be checked for completion every day If I decide to grade it for accuracy I will notify the students in advance.  Homework will be due at the beginning of class unless otherwise stated. THERE WILL BE HOMEWORK ALMOST EVERY NIGHT, and occasionally on Fridays.  Please check to see that your child has completed their assignments. Students must write the problems down unless it is a word problem and show their work in order to receive credit for the assignment.  Group and individual projects will be assigned throughout the year. Specifics will be provided when the project is assigned.


Exact Math: Exact math is a very important resource that I use in my class. I am sure that it will be a new and challenging experience for some students.It will aid in improving your Child's test scores. Students will be required to complete work weekly as a grade using this program in class as well as home if not completed.

Communication: Seventh grade is a challenging year for most students and parents.  They are no longer little children and they are not quite adults.Sometimes the students and the parents have a difficult time adjusting to the expectations of 7th grade. Please check your Remind notifications and read your child's yellow newsletter in their folder each week this will keep you up to date on things happening in class as well as what is going on at school.I will be requiring folders to help with organizational skills that will include their notes, class work, homework along with their data notebook.It will be a test grade and will be graded twice each 9 weeks. The two dates that they will be graded will be given to the students at the beginning of each 9 weeks.


ABOVE ALL, CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS.I send progress reports out every 3 week. Many parents wait until the end of the 9 weeks grading period and then ask, "What can we do to get my child's grade up to passing?" At this point, it's a bit too late.  


Within the first couple of weeks of Math class, you will know whether or not this course is going to be difficult for your child.If the grades you are seeing are not acceptable, then contact me and we can discuss what needs to be done.I prefer you contact me by email if you can, only because I check it several times during the day. It is usually a quicker response time.You can call me and leave a message on my voice- mail,but sometimes I don't get to check it but once a day.When you email me please put your child's first and last  name in the subject area so I will know who you are writing about.I will also be using Remind 101 for announcements and communication and you can do the same.My email address is [email protected], the phone number is 751-7110 ext. 2431.I look forward to working with you and your child to have a successful year!


Conference Times:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday by appointment. My remind code is as followed: by text- Text the message @mackeyher to the number 81010, or use this link- https://www.remind.com/join/mackeyher.

Each 9 weeks our team holds a “Parent Night” we send out invitations and send it out on Remind.It is not mandatory for you to attend, but it does give us an opportunity without the children to discuss the school year.It is a time of reflection and getting to know one another.We try to clarify any misunderstandings or explain things that may not make sense to you.It is very important for us to keep the lines of communication open.  

Plagiarism/Cheating: Plagiarism and cheating will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to the following:

1. Allowing other students to copy work.

2. Having a parent complete an assignment.

3. Copying another student’s work.

4. Working on an assignment with other students when the assignment has not been  designated as a group project.

5. Cheating of any kind.

6. Copying material from any resources including the Internet without properly citing the source.


Grading: Grade is based on weighted assignments.

Classwork- 20%



Test- 40%                                                                 

Grade Total-100%

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