7th Gr. Munoz, Benjamin

Benjamin Munoz
B.S. Biology-Campbell University 
 Syllabus     2019-2020
Course Expectations
Welcome to 8th grade science! My name is Mr. Munoz and I will be your science teacher for the year. Throughout the year I plan to explore topics of physical science, chemistry, environmental science, biology and many more. I expect full cooperation between student, teacher, and parents to ensure the year goes great. My academic, as well as behavioral expectations are very high for all of my classes. Each student needs to be ready for class everyday with all materials ready and an eagerness to learn. I will not tolerate any unacceptable behavior in my class. Science is a wonderful subject to teach and learn, and I look forward to the year!
Class Rules
1.       Respect adults, other students, and yourself.
2.       Bring all books and materials to class every day.
3.       Do not interrupt my right to teach, or others’ right to learn.
4.       Raise your hand and wait to be called on by the teacher.
5.       Be honest and responsible for your actions.
6.       Follow ALL school rules.
Grading Distribution
Tests – 25%
Quizzes – 20%
Homework - 15%
Participation – 30%
Research Paper – 10%
Supply List  
à  1.5 inch 3-ring binder
à  1-subject composition book
à   pens & pencils
à   lined paper
à  colored pencils

verbal or written warning
moved to front of classroom
silent lunch
parent contact/Afterschool detention
class removal/referral
Grading & Make-ups
If you are absent the day of the test, you must take a make-up test. It is your responsibility to arrange this within 24 hours of your return. If you are absent the day before a test, you will be required to take the test with your class.  Notebooks and homework will be checked at my discretion. Late work is accepted only ONE day late, and is only worth 70% (with the exception of excused absences).  For every day late the grade will drop by 10% after that.  The lowest grade will be dropped. *If you miss a lab day, that lab will be made up the following day after school with the teacher. Announcements for lab days will be made in advance.
Unless told otherwise, homework is always due at the beginning of the period the day after it is assigned. If you are asking to be excused for a school activity you should ask for your homework ahead of time and/or contact a classmate so that your work is on time. It is your responsibility to find out what you missed from the teacher or a classmate and make it up in a timely fashion (by the next day).

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