7th Gr. Van Noske, Theresa

Eastern Wayne Middle School
7th grade Science Syllabus
Teacher Name: Theresa Van Noske
E-mail address: [email protected]
School telephone number: (919) 751-7110
Conferences: By appointment only
Required Materials:
(1) 2” binder
(2) individual hand sharpener
(2) packs of notebook paper
(1) pair of scissors
(2) boxes pencils- wood preferably
(1) pack 5 tab dividers
(2) boxes colored pencils
(2) glue sticks
***Optional: folder w/pockets, 3x5 index cards, cap erasers, highlighters
Course Description:
The 7th grade science curriculum consists of the following four areas: atmosphere and weather, cells and genetics, the human body systems, and introductory physics. Students will learn scientific concepts associated with each topic through research, hands-on activities, and discussions designed to develop critical thinking skills. The course standards students will be learning are as follows:

Course Standards (NCSCOS)
1st 9 weeks: Students will need to…
  • 7.E.1. Understand how Earth’s atmosphere relates to weather, climate, and humans.
2nd 9 weeks: Students will need to…
  • 7.L.1 Understand the structures and functions of prokaryotes and eukaryotes that enable them to carry out the basic functions of life.
  • 7. L.2: Understand cellular reproduction, genetics, and environmental impacts to species survival.
3rd 9 weeks: Students will need to…
  • 7.L.1 Understand the structures and functions of various human body systems and how it enables them to carry out the basic functions of life.
4th 9 weeks: Students will need to…
  • 7.P.1. Understand the effects of forces and motion using graphical representations.
  • 7.P.2 Understand forms of energy and its transfer, transformation, and conservation in mechanical systems.

Student Expectations:
Students are expected to review all material daily to provide the best chances at success on homework, quizzes, and/or tests. Students are expected to check Canvas, Dojo, and school email daily for any announcements. All students will be required to follow the school wide policies as laid out in the student handbook, code of conduct, and any other source deemed important by staff and/or administration. Students will also follow classroom rules and procedures to ensure we are safe and efficient.
Classroom Rules

Be Respectful
  • Use school-appropriate language and volume
  • Use active listening
  • Follow adult directions
Be Responsible
  • Use tools, supplies, and books appropriately
  • Remain in seat unless directed otherwise
  • Be mindful of assignment due dates and make-up work
Be Prepared
  • Come to class with all necessary materials
  • Be on time
Be Cooperative
  • Follow adults’ directions
  • Wait patiently
  • Remain focused

Regular attendance and consistent study are two factors that contribute greatly to success in school. Daily attendance is expected (even online). You will be notified by student email, Class Dojo, and Canvas of how to get counted for attendance. Any changes will be announced beforehand using all three methods of communication. If you must miss a class, you are required to make up all missed work. It is the student’s responsibility to make up work from any absences.

Assignments and grades:
Academics are a priority in my classroom. I expect students to complete work to the best of their ability. Students will have ample time to complete assignments, however time management is important in the 7th grade. Unless otherwise instructed, all assignments are to be turned in to Canvas by the due date and time. Late assignments will receive 5 points off for every day it is late.
NOTE: If work is still missing 3 days after the initial due date, parents/guardians will be contacted.

To prepare you for success, we will have a heavy focus on vocabulary, application, real world connections, and critical thinking. Students are expected to study for all quizzes, tests, and review vocabulary NIGHTLY. Students are also expected to participate in all discussions whether in class or remotely. I will send out messages for assignment due dates, upcoming tests and quizzes, and links to vocabulary sets via Canvas, Dojo, and student email. Any changes will be announced beforehand.

All science textbooks will remain in the classroom. Students will not be permitted to check out textbooks to take home, but there is an online version of the textbook we will be using at https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do.

Each student will be graded using the 10 point Wayne County grading policy.
A=90-100                      B=80-89                    C=70-79                     D=60-69                   F= 59& below
Category weights are as followed:
Daily Assignments                                                               30%
Tests                                                                                    25%
Labs/Projects                                                                       15%
Effort (Participation, group work, discussions)                     15%
Quizzes                                                                                10%
Homework                                                                              5%
Total                                                                                    100%
Academic Integrity:
Plagiarism and cheating are never acceptable. This includes sharing homework, test answers, or not citing sources (plagiarism) on projects. Students are expected to do their own work to the best of their ability.  Students caught cheating will receive a ZERO on that assignment and will not be allowed to make it up until after parent/guardian contactNo exceptions. BE RESPECTFUL AND RESPONSIBLE!!!
What Do We Use For…?
Assignments and Attendance
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Studying and Extra Help
Science News for Students: https://www.sciencenewsforstudents.org/
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