8th Gr. Cruz, Rosalinda


8th Grade Mathematics –2019-2020

Eastern Wayne Middle School 


Dear Parents, 

The purpose of this letter is to familirize you with the policies and expectations of Mathematics. This year we will be exploring math concepts in many different ways including using real-world scenarios, traditional instruction, group projects and other math activities.

Due to the large amount of material covered in Math 8th, everyone is expected to do his or her best at all time and keep up with the class.  This includes paying attention in class, taking detailed notes, asking questions, participating in all group activities and completing all homework and class work assignments. Classwork not finished in class becomes homework and it is due the next day! Full credit will not be given to assignments that did not include complete steps for finding solutions; therefore, all problems must be thoroughly completed with all the steps clearly shown. Assignments will be graded for accuracy as well as completion. Missing work and make up work procedures will be aligned to the EWMS policy.

All assignments: homework, class work, quizzes, tests, MUST be written in pencil.


  • At least one subject notebook/graph ruled or one binder with graph paper.

  • #2 Pencils. Bring at least two or three every day! If not mechanical, pencils must be sharpened before class begins.

  • Eraser

  • One box of coloring pencils and a red or green pen (for corrections only not for writing the math work


  • Extra loose leaf Graph paper 

  • ruler and compass (a compass set with rulers and compass would be great)

Grading Scale*

Projects/ Notebook Checking: 30%

Classwork: 30%

Quizzes: 15%

Tests: 20%

Homework:  5% 

All students should be prepared to achieve at least 80 on all assignments. Students receiving less than 70 on a test will be allowed to get a recovery assignment.

Classroom and behavior expectations:

Class begins according to the 8th grade schedule. At that time you should be in your assigned seat, quiet, and ready to work. Tardiness will be sanctioned according to EWMS and WCPS policies. Check handbook. 

Make sure you bring all materials to class daily! 

All assignments are due at beginning of the period on the due date. All students are expected to make up any missed work according to EWMS policy. 

When entering class, immediately begin working on the indicated task

Please be courteous and do not talk while others are speaking.  Raise your hand, and you will be called upon at the appropriate time.

Show RESPECT at all time on the school’s premises. In class, while the teacher or another student is talking, the rest of the class will be quiet. We will take turns to talk! Remember your manners. Think before acting; behave in a mature, responsible manner. Make good choices at all times. There will be NO cursing, name-calling, or disrespecting other people’s property (including taking and using other people’s things without consent). Bullying, in any form, will not be tolerated! Respect each other’s space. Keep hands to yourself at all times.

Electronic devices: Check school, county policies.

Please wait for the teacher to indicate class is over before you pack up your things. It is disrespectful to pack up your stuff while your teacher or a presenter is still talking and the teacher did not dismiss class yet.

Clean up after yourself wherever you are on the school grounds! (Classrooms, library, bathrooms, hallways, gym, cafeteria, track field, sidewalks, parking lot, carpool/bus lane).

Calculators will be provided but any misuse, abuse or destruction of such will not be replaced and student will have to provide her/his own calculator when needed.

Thank you for your cooperation for the success of our children. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.   



 All students from my class should join my Google Classroom. All of my students were already invited to join.
For my Block 1, you are invited to join Cruz Block 1 
For my Block 2, you are invited to join Cruz Block 2
For my Block 3, you are invited to join   Cruz Block 3
I will be uploading some lessons as well as assignments for you to do while at home. If you have any questions/clarification, just type on the comments so I could help you work on your assignment. 
For the meantime, please do your assignment on EXACT PATH (Math). 


Forgot PASSWORDS: Please check your email. 

Other Matters

QUIZ- Every Wednesday  
TEST- Every Friday  
All missing works due every FRIDAY of the week
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