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My name is Mrs. Holley-Brice. I am here to help you learn mathematical concepts. I want you to be successful. My number one rule is respect and my second is “ask questions.” I want you to have understanding. Do not hesitate to ask me for help. 

Today is a new day! Forget about the past. Leave all negativity out the door. You are smart. You can learn and do all the math problems we are going to tackle together in this course.

I love math. I am married and a mother of five children. I love to read, sing, and eat. I want every child to know they are special and that math is not hard. It can be fun!

If you do not understand something, please ask for understanding. We must strive together to reach the finish line and gain success. If there is a concern, please let me know. Classroom rules are on top of the board in the front of the classroom. Please follow them.

The first offense to the rules will result in a WARNING; and the second a parent phone call. I am hoping all issues will be resolved by this point. If not, a parent conference will follow, along with disciplinary actions, such as, ISS, OSS, and/or long-term suspension.

Parents please encourage your child to bring their materials to class each day. Classroom supplies list will be given to each student to keep in their Interactive Notebooks.

Homework is due when you walk in the classroom, before the bell rings. Baskets, labeled with your period number, are located in the back of the room.

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to submit your make up work. I will be passing out a buddy sheet. Get a classmate information, so when you have to be absent you are able to get the notes and homework assignment. If absent for test or quiz, prior arrangements for make-ups must be arranged with teacher. Emergencies are understood. There will be a quiz every Wednesday and a test every Friday, unless otherwise stated. Notes are checked periodically. Your notebook should look like my notebook, as far as, note title, work sheet order, and etcetera. A grading rubric will be displayed in the classroom before notebook checks. I am checking for accuracy, order, and neatness. Details on what material go in each notebook will be discussed in class. Remember, if you have questions…ask.

There will be a warm-up daily to be completed when the bell rings. When entering the classroom, grab a calculator, your notebook, and any worksheet(s) that may be in the front of the classroom, your personal supplies, and sharpen your pencil before the tardy bell rings. Please do not interrupt the classroom if you did not grab your materials or sharpen your pencil upon entering the room. Wait until instructions are given and I have stopped talking.

Students are not allowed to go to the restroom the first 45 minutes or the last 15 minutes, please adjust yourself accordingly. It is imperative that you use the restroom before coming to class. Cell phones are not permitted out during class. If you have an emergency situation at home, please let me know before class start so that I will be aware if a cell phone needs to be put on silent. If you are caught with your phone, I will collect it and report it to the office. Your parent/guardian will have to come and pick it up afterschool.

There is a calendar in the back of the room that will list important information, such as test days, progress report distribution days, and after school tutoring days. Please check the calendar periodically for important updates.

Calculators will be assigned. You are responsible for the calculator assigned to you. If you abused the use of the calculator, the privilege will be taken from you. If damages occur, you will be responsible for replacing the calculator.

Grade Distribution

=        Project/Notebook Checks - 30%

=        CFA/Test – 20%

=        Homework – 5%

=        Quiz – 15%

=        Classwork – 30%

Classroom Rules

1.     Respect! Respect! Respect! Respect your teacher, your classmates, and yourself. Everything in the classroom should be cared for properly. Do not criticize others. This includes yourself as well as other student’s ideas or classwork. I demand a positive atmosphere.

2.     Ask questions. Do not be afraid of asking questions. If you are not comfortable asking in class, write me a note and I will address your concerns.

3.     Come to class on time and prepared to learn. Grab materials as you walk in the door, BEFORE the bell rings!

4.     Sleeping is not permitted in class.

5.     Follow ALL school rules.


7.     Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

8.     PENCIL ONLY! Do not submit anything in pen, except if you’re signing your name. 

The information above is just an overview of the classroom. You, as a student, shall be responsible for knowing and upholding all rules, regulations, routines, procedures, and instruction given in class

****Parent and students check REMIND daily!!! ******

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