A+ Driving School


Upcoming Sessions

Southern Wayne High Cafeteria
November 25, 2022   (Friday)       Day 1
November 26, 2022  (Saturday)   Day 2
December 3, 2022    (Saturday)   Day 3
December 10, 2022  (Saturday)   Day 4
December 17, 2022   (Saturday)  Day 5

SWH Class Registration (FULL)

Sign ups will be posted 2 to 3 weeks before the start of each class

ONLY SIGN  UP FOR ONE CLASS. At the close of the sign up, A+ Driving School will send an email confirming your child got in to the class. Please make sure to provide correct email.


Required Age: You must be 14 years and 6 months old (14 1/2). (No exceptions)

Attendance: You must attend every class. NO ABSENCES allowed, excused or unexcused. If you miss one class for any reason, you are automatically out. 
Instructor: Craig Uzzell
Contact Information: 919-735-5993
Class Rules:
  • Arrange transportation ahead of time. No phone calls during class.
  • Have parents drop you off and pick you up at the back of the cafeteria.
  • Bring lunch, paper, pencil, and pen to class.
  • Any student who is unable to follow school rules and board policies will be immediately dismissed from the class.
  • Students, who are disruptive, who sleep in class, or who are in off-limit areas will be immediately dismissed from the class.
  • No gum, radios, pagers, cell phones, or tobacco products are permitted in class. Any student who violates any part of this rule will be immediately dismissed from the class.
  • Any student dismissed from class who does not have a cell phone should inform Mr. Uzzell so he can contact your parents to pick you up.
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