School Hours & Absence Policy

School Hours 
School hours 7:35 - 1:15
Students can be dropped off at 7:15
Students are Tardy after 7:40
Student Pick up begins at 1:15

Daily Schedule
1st Block - 7:40 - 8:50
2nd Block  8:55 - 10:05
3rd Block  10:10 - 11:20
4th Block  12:05 - 1:15
Tardies/Sign In - Sign Out

ALL students who arrive at school after 7:35 must go by the Main Office to be signed in. ALL students must sign out through the main office. If they return to school, they must sign back in to get a pass to class.  

Attendance for Participating in Extra-Curricular Activities

Students must be present for one-half day in order to participate in extracurricular activities such as plays, games, concerts, pageants, etc.  

Excused Absences

Absences due to the following reasons will be excused and students will be allowed a reasonable length of time (5 days) in which to make up any work missed.  Excused absences are accepted for:  (a) Illness, (b) Death in the immediate family, (c) Verified doctor appointments, (d) Approved school-related activities, and (e) Emergencies as determined by the principal.

Unexcused Absences

Absences will be unexcused for all other reasons not listed above.  It is the student's responsibility to contact the teacher in order to make up missed work (within 5 days; see Make-up Work).    Work to remove zeros must be scheduled within five (5) days.

Skipping School

Skipping school is an unacceptable practice.  Senior skip day, beach weekend, etc. are NOT recognized.  Any student leaving campus without properly signing out will be considered SKIPPING.  A parent conference will be required before a student who has skipped school may return to classes.  The student will be assigned to In-School Suspension.

Attendance Policy

There is no substitute for the uninterrupted personal contact between teachers and students in the classroom environment where learning experiences are carefully planned by the teachers.  Even though students may make up class work missed because of absences, they may never be able to replace the educational, cultural and social contacts which they would have experienced through face-to-face instruction and class participation.  Students with good attendance generally achieve higher levels of learning than those with poor attendance.  Each principal and his staff will exert every effort to assure maximum attendance by all students.  Attendance requirements shall be made clear to all students as well as the procedures involved in dealing with absences.  Vigilance in regard to attendance will be enhanced if one of the school administrators or other designated staff member is assigned the responsibility for monitoring attendance.

Waiver Committee

A waiver committee will be established by the principal to determine a student's eligibility to remain in a class after six absences in the class.  This committee will meet weekly to determine the student's status.  The student and parent will be notified of the waiver committee's decision .

Excessive Absences

All school officials are expected to conform to the rules and procedures established for School Attendance and Student Accounting established by the General Assembly, State Board of Education,

State Department of Public Instruction and Wayne County Board of Education.

A student and his parent/guardian are responsible for notifying the school should he/she be absent or expect to be absent for three (3) or more consecutive days.  Such notification should include the cause of absences.

If a student accumulates three (3) absences in a school year, the teacher shall report them to the principal, and the principal or his designee shall notify the student's parent/guardian of the excessive absences by telephone or visit and confirm by U.S. mail and report this information to the school's social worker.

After six (6) accumulative days of absences, the principal shall notify the parent/guardian if the student is subject to Compulsory School Attendance Law, informing them of the absences and the fact that they are subject to legal action that could result in withdrawal from school pending the attendance waiver committee decision.  This information shall be given to the social worker and the social worker shall investigate all cases referred to him/her.  The social worker will work with students, parents/guardians, teachers and principal in analyzing the causes of absences and in determining steps to eliminate the problem.

After six (6) accumulated absences in a school semester, the principal or his designee shall notify the parent/guardian or custodian.  The principal shall review any report or investigation prepared by the social worker and shall confer with the student and his parent/guardian and pursue one of the following three options:

If the principal determines that the parent/guardian has not made a good faith effort to comply with the law, the principal shall notify the District Attorney.

If the principal determines that the parent/guardian has made good faith effort to comply with the    law, the principal may file a complaint with the Juvenile Intake Counselor that the provisions of G.S. 7A- 561 which states that a child is habitually absent from the school without a valid excuse.

If the principal is convinced that cooperation will be secured, he may not involve the action described in the above item.

After ten (10) consecutive days of absences, the teacher shall report the absence to the principal and withdraw the student from membership effective the day following the last day of attendance.

**An absence is an absence whether it is excused or unexcused.  

**Only 6 absences each semester. 
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