Frequently Asked Questions & Prices

Fall SportsWinter SportsSpring Sports
Varsity football $7.00Basketball (4 games) $7.00Baseball $7.00
JV Football $7.00Basketball (3 games) $7.00Softball $7.00
Boys' Soccer $7.00Basketball (JV girls only) $7.00Girls' Soccer $7.00
Girls' Volleyball (JV and V) $7.00Wrestling $7.00
Students of GHS and WSE are eligible for $3.00 tickets to all sporting events.

Anyone with a valid NCHSAA pass admitted free (coach's card, officials). Wayne County employees must present their badge in order to enter free of charge. Children 5 years old and younger admitted free. 

Please note: Admission prices are regulated by the NCHSAA and East Central 2-A conference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay for admission?

Gate admissions pay the bulk of the athletic department's bills. For each game, athletics must be able to pay the officials and security. A majority of the equipment and uniforms GHS students use also come from gate money. 

By attending a game, you are supporting the student-athletes at Goldsboro and making their athletic experience more enjoyable. There are also dues owed to the associations we are a part of each year so that GHS' student-athletes may qualify for the playoffs and be nominated for special conference and state awards.

Who or what determines the ticket prices?

The NCHSAA has minimum regulations on all gates and determines the exact prices for the playoffs. The school's conference affiliation determines the actual price. (e.g. One conference may decide to charge $7.00 for football while another may only ask for $6.00). That's why some may be paying different prices at different venues.
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