American History I

American History I (3rd Period)

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Students will explore the history of our country. We will cover everything from America’s beginning, to the forming a new Nation, migration and industrialization, wars right here on our land that has paved the way for new century. We will look at famous people who paved the way for this great nation and the ones who have fought for the rights and civil liberties that we are accustomed to today.

August 31-September 4

This week in American History I we will be looking into the Protestant Reformation and why that is important to European exploration as well as American colonization.  Students will get a look inside the life of Martin Luther, and how he help to start the Reformation movement.  Your work will include logging into Canvas and completing a warm-up (do now) as well as a discussion question daily.  There are some assignments to be turned in via Google forms and you should also be taking notes from the PowerPoints that are posted.  If you have any questions about this weeks assignments, please call or e-mail me at the information below!

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