Board Of Education

Board of Education

The Wayne County Board of Education consists of seven members, elected in districts to serve four-year terms. The superintendent is selected by the Board and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the school district. While the board of education is responsible for setting policy, the superintendent and his administrative team manage the daily operations of the school district.

To see each district the Board of Education represents, click on Board of Elections Map. Contact information for the Board of Education is listed below. 

Meet the Board

Chair: Don Christopher West
Vice Chair: Jennifer S. Strickland
Acting Superintendent: Dr. James G. Merrill
District 1 - Don Christopher West DISTRICT 1
Mr. Don Christopher West
262 Airport Rd.
Pikeville, NC 27863
Home: 919-921-1212
Email:[email protected]
Began Serving:December 6, 2010
Term Expires: 2022
Dr. Joseph W. Democko - District 5 DISTRICT 5
Dr. Joseph W. Democko
120 Brisbayne Circle
LaGrange, NC 28551 
Home: 919-222-7776
Email: [email protected]
Began Serving:December 17, 2018
Term Expires: 2022
H. Len Henderson - District 2 DISTRICT 2
Mr. H. Len Henderson 
P.O. Box 171
Dudley, NC 28333
Home: 919-735-2518
Email: [email protected]
Began Serving:December 5, 2016
Term Expires: 2020
D. Wade Leatham
Mr. Wade Leatham
304 Tonya Dr
Goldsboro, NC 27534
Home: 919-751-1940
Email: [email protected]
Began Serving:March 24, 2020
Term Expires: 2022
Patricia A. Burden - District 3 DISTRICT 3
Ms. Patricia A. Burden
1500 King Drive
Goldsboro, NC 27530
Home: 919-735-3789
Email: [email protected]
Began Serving: June 2, 2014
Term Expires: 2020
 J. Ven Faulk, Jr. - At Large AT LARGE
Mr. J. Ven Faulk, Jr.
104 Jill St.
Dudley, NC  28333
Home: 919-920-5050
Began Serving: February 11, 2019
Term Expires: 2020
Jennifer S. Strickland - District 4
Mrs. Jennifer S. Strickland
301 Shamrock Rd.
Goldsboro, NC 27530
Home: 919-734-4320
Email: [email protected]
Began Serving: December 1, 2014
Term Expires: 2022
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