Civics and Economics

Civics and Economics (2nd Period)

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Students will gain a clear understanding of how our Governmental system works and operates. We will cover everything from the foundations of American Citizenship, our National Government, laws and our Economy, to our country involvement with the World. We will touch on monumental changes and issues that our country has had to endure. They will explore our countries greatest successes and failures, victories and defeats, and our prize accomplishments as well as our worst moments. Students will gain the knowledge needed to forge ahead in life to help them become assets and excellent citizens of our great country.

August 31-September 4

This week in Civics and Economics we will be looking into the start of the American Revolution as well as the Declaration of Independence.  Students will learn about how tensions between the American colonists and Britain were built up to an unbearable breaking point, and why we decided to ultimately write and sign the Declaration of Independence.  Your work will include logging into Canvas and completing a warm-up (do now) as well as a discussion question daily.  There are some assignments to be turned in via Google forms and you should also be taking notes from the PowerPoints that are posted.  If you have any questions about this weeks assignments, please call or e-mail me at the information below!

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