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Kenneth "Skip" Morris has been teaching at EWMS since 1996.  He holds two Bachelor Degrees, one in Music Education and the other in Communications from Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri.  Mr. Morris also earned his Master’s Degree in Music Education from East Carolina University.   Mr. Morris and his wife, Melanie have 3 sons. One of the highlights of Mr. Morris's career is teaching his 3 boys.


The EWMS chorus is a non-auditioned performing group which consists of 7th and 8th graders. The EWMS Chorus consistently earns Superior and Excellent ratings at district and regional festivals. Students from this chorus also qualify for the North Carolina Middle School Honors Chorus and All State Chorus.

2020 Performance Dates

*Title I Parent Performance, March 12, 2020 Goldsboro, TBA

*Music Performance Adjudication, March 20, 2020, Fayetteville TBA

Mini-Concert, March 27, 2020, Chorus Room , TBA

*All County Chorus, April 21, 2020, Goldsboro High School, 6:00 PM

Spring Concert, May 12, 2020, SCMS Gym  7:00 PM

* Select Students Only

Assessments & Percent of Grade







Singing Grades








Concert Attire

Each Chorus student will wear a royal blue monogramed polo shirt, black dress pants,  with black shoes and belt. Shirts cost $15.00 and are ordered through EWMS.

No jeans or T-Shirts!

Chorus & Music Syllabus

A. Classroom Rules

1. RESPECT the people, equipment, and furnishings of the music classroom.

2. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS the first time they are given.

3. BE SEATED when class begins with all appropriate supplies.

SUPPLIES:  Students should bring these supplies every day

a.  Pen or Pencil b. 2 pocket folder c. Composition/Spiral notebook d. Positive Mental Attitude.   4. OBSERVE all rules in the student handbook.

B.  Consequences

Inappropriate classroom behaviors include, but are not limited to gum-chewing, disrupting class with unnecessary or inappropriate remarks, destruction of school or personal property.

        First Offense: Verbal Warning / Teacher conferences with student

        Second Offense: Student and/or parent contacted. Parent/Teacher Conference

        Repeat Offenses: Parent Contact, Conference, and/or Office referral. 

        SEVERE DISRUPTION: Student will be sent immediately to the office. Parent/Teacher conferences may be scheduled for habitually disruptive students.  These students may be excluded from field trips and other special class activities at the discretion of the teacher

C. Grading Policy

Student progress will be assessed through the use of quizzes, tests, singing grades, class participation, and performances.  Students will be asked to sing together in small groups to determine their singing grade. Every student is expected to participate in all class activities to the best of their abilities. Participation means being prepared for class, engaging in all class activities, singing with the group, presenting choreography, and performing your very best.   Special projects may also be assigned to further student learning. These projects will be treated as a test grade and constitute 30 % of the student’s grade.

D.  Concerts & Performances

One of the primary goals of this course is the development of vocal performance skills.  To reach this goal, there will be at least one major performance each semester. Each student is required to perform with the chorus at the concert.  Each student who performs in the concert will earn a 100 for their performance which will be counted as 30 % of their grade.  Students who do not perform will receive an F that will be counted as 30 % of their grade. If a student is sick or has a family emergency they may be excused with a written note from the parent.  This note needs to be given to the teacher within two school days of the student returning to school.  Failure to turn in a note will result in the student receiving an F for the performance.  

Alternative Assignment: Students will create a Powerpoint / Google Slide presentation (minimum 12 slides) on a musical subject of the teacher’s choosing.  This presentation will be due within 7 days of the performance and be presented to the class.

E. Choral Activity Fee

There will be a $5.00 Choral Activity Fee for Chorus Students Only that will be used to purchase music, materials, and supplies for the EWMS Chorus. 

F.  Performance Attire  

Each choral student is expected to wear the following: a royal blue EWMS Chorus polo shirt (purchased through the school for $15.00)*, black dress pants, and black dress shoes.  Boys are to wear dark socks and girls are to wear stockings or knee-highs. Due to variances in hem lengths, girls will not wear skirts. Absolutely, no jeans or white tennis shoes are permitted in a performance! *More info to follow. 

G. Office Hours

I can be reached by phone at (919) 751-7110, ext. 2449 between 2:15 and 3:45 PM.  

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