Elective - Spanish/ESL: BENEDETTI, Elda

Bienvenidos!!!/ Welcome!!!

Welcome to ESL Class

Welcome to ESL Class! 


Dear Parents:

My name is Elda Douglas de Benedetti, I have been teaching in this county for fourteen years and I will be the  ESL teacher. I am from Venezuela and I am very excited to work with your child and involve her/him into learning another language and experiencing a variety of aspect related to English culture.

I would like you to support me in encouraging your son/daughter to learn a second language, since our students are expected to be multilingual and knowledgeable citizens in accordance to skills listed in the North Carolina attributes of a future ready graduate. This is very important to mention, as in my class, your child can build up knowledge to reach more and better opportunities nowadays and in the future while working together in peaceful environment; therefore, I expect your child to take advantage of this opportunity to learn. This year I will be and Inclusion setting which  involves placing ESL students in a regular education classroom for content area instruction, while they may also receive push-in or pull-out support services. 

What Does Inclusion for ESL Students Look Like?

In an inclusion setting, ESL students remain in regular education classes. If you are the content area teacher, your ESL students may receive push-in services from the ESL teacher, who will work with you in the classroom in a co-teaching model to provide support for ELLs. In other scenarios, ESL students may receive targeted English instruction in a classroom with their ESL teacher through a pull-out model, while you are primarily responsible for their inclusion in your content area classroom. With either model, the ESL teacher often collaborates with the content area teacher to provide the most beneficial educational experiences for ELLs. 

If you wish to contact me at EWMS, you can reach me at 919-751-7110 extension 2473 from 11:45  to 3:45 (from Mondays to Fridays) to set up an appointment, or you can leave me a message in my extension if you prefer. You can also write me an email to [email protected]

I look forward to meeting you and working together this semester to help your child be successful in his/her classes.

Best Regards,

Mrs. Elda Douglas de Benedetti


Classwork for ESL and Spanish" Digital days learning!"

Hello Parentd and  ESL students!  I hope  all of you are doing good around in this illness situation. I need that you go to the pages that we have been working in class.
* Imaginelearning ( You gotthe password!  and  if you don't remember please send me an email  and I will send you.)
 * Commonlit ( I will get two reading everyday and when you finish send me a email that you finish so I will check  it! ).
Spanish Class GO to this page   https://www.spanish-games.net/spanishtopics  and the lessons
* NUMBERS FROM 1 to 100 
When you finish send an email with a screen shot  or a picture!  The due day for this activities On Thursday 19th,2020 at 2:00. 
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