English As A Second Language

English as a Second Language

In 1991, Wayne County Public Schools implemented the English as a Second Language Program for Limited English Proficient students, who have a language, other than English, as their primary language.  At that time, we had 73 students enrolled in our public schools.  Since 1991, our population has increased each year to over 1277  LEP students.

To assist our LEP students in meeting English proficiency and academic standards, we have developed a strong instructional program with a strong instructional staff.  Our teachers utilize the English Language Development Standard Course of Study and basals in developing their daily lesson plans.  All students are assessed annually with the Individual Proficiency Test to determine level of proficiency until they exit the program with “Superior” on listening, comprehension, reading, speaking and writing.

The students in K-5 focus on emergent literacy skills in English, as well as, a broad variety of topics from other subject areas, such as Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Art, Music, etc.

In grades 6-12, the English language proficiency for LEP students is accelerated. They continue to develop English literacy skills while social and interpersonal skills are being refined.

Though language acquisition is a long-term process, Wayne County is R-E-A-D-Y to meet the challenge of preparing all Limited English Proficient students for living in today’s society.
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