Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get my child in the AIG program or class?

A:  As a parent, you can request that your child be screened for the program.  There are six criteria for identification; student achievement, student interest, student motivation, student performance, indicators of giftedness, student achievement (95%) and student aptitude (93%).   The student must evidence in four of the areas, one being aptitude or achievement.  After screening and evaluation, site team and parent meetings will be held in order to discuss identification. 

Students are assigned to classes under the site administrator’s discretion. Typically, gifted students are clustered in groups of four to eight within a class, unless the principal chooses to do otherwise. 

Q:  Who do I need to contact about testing my student for AIG?

A:  Place a request in writing for the AIG specialist that serves your school.  See AIG Staff for contact information.

Q:  Why does the identification process take so long?

A:  We allow nine weeks in order to give the teachers who help in the identification process an adequate amount of time to evaluate the student as well as giving the AIG Specialist enough time to complete any needed testing.  It also allows for a student who is coming into our system time for adjustment as well as receiving the appropriate records to be received.

Q:  How are gifted students served?

A:  Students are usually identified in Language Arts or Math and served through a differentiated curriculum, independent study, curriculum compacting or differentiated units.  This takes place within the regular classroom as needs emerge.  An AIG specialist may work with your student periodically upon teacher request to enhance the content of the classroom or curriculum.

Q:  We have just moved to the area, how do we ensure that our child is placed in the appropriate class for AIG?

A:  Student class assignments are at the principal’s discretion.  Make sure that upon registering at the school you notify the guidance counselor and AIG Specialist.  Typically, students who have been served in a gifted program will be placed in courses/classes with a gifted cluster. 

Q:  Who are AIG specialists and what do they do?

A:  Each AIG specialists is assigned to four to six schools in order to screen and identify students, help plan and model instructional strategies, help staff select appropriate curriculum and material, and serve as a resource for site staff, students and parents.
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