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Graduation Requirements


In order to graduate from high school, students will be required to meet the following requirements:
  1. Successful completion of all accountability standards for high school set out by the State Board of Education in policy GCS-N-003, Student Accountability Standards, that are applicable for the year in which the student entered ninth grade for the first time and/or the student’s course of study;
  2. Successful completion of required course credits in the chosen course of study and all other course requirements mandated by the State Board of Education;
  3. Successful completion of all additional courses and other requirements mandated by the Board of Education;

Student Accountability Standards

In addition to any other promotion standards established by the board and/or superintendent, students must also meet the following accountability standards.
  1. Elementary School Local Promotion Standards (Grades K-5) Students shall demonstrate satisfactory classroom performance to be promoted. End of Grade (EOG) Test scores and K-2 Assessment scores may be used to support a promotion/retention decision, but shall not be used as the sole criteria.
  2. Middle School Local Promotion Standards (Grades 6-8) Students in grades 6-8 must pass English/language arts, mathematics, and three additional subjects to be selected from cultural arts, second language, social studies, science, physical education, and career technical education to be promoted. End of Grade (EOG) Test scores may be used to support a promotion/retention decision, but shall not be used as the sole criteria.
  3. High School Local Promotion Standards (Grades 9-12)
    1. Students promoted from grade 9 to grade 10 must pass six credits.
    2. Students promoted from grade 10 to grade 11 must pass thirteen credits.
    3. Students promoted from grade 11 to grade 12 must pass: 
      1. Eighteen (18) credits if entered 9th Grade in 2015-2016 school year or before.   
      2. Twenty (20) credits if entered 9th Grade in 2016-2017 school year or after.  
  4. In order to graduate students must pass the required credits in addition students must complete the NC Future Ready Core Course of Study.
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