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Per the North Carolina Governor's Executive Order, all schools will remain CLOSED for students until May 15, unless extended. 
Por la Orden Ejecutiva del Gobernador de Carolina del Norte, todas las escuelas permanecerán CERRADAS para la instrucción cara a cara para los estudiantes hasta el 15 de mayo.

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Holly King


Contact Information
Holly King
Southern Wayne High School
124 Walter Fulcher Road
Dudley, NC 28333 
(919) 705-6060 ext. 4288
room 520
planning period: 4th period 1:20-3:00 


Syllabus for Junior English (11th grade)

Holly King

[email protected]

(919) 705-6060 ext. 4288

Available 4th period planning and after school on Wednesdays; other days by request

Welcome back to school. I hope you are looking forward to an exciting and productive semester. Please read this handout so that you will understand the structure of this course, the supplies you will need, the grading scale, and the classroom rules.

            The main focus of this course is American Literature. English III “allows the student to refine mastered grammatical skills in the development of critical analyses, expository essays, and personal narratives. Reading comprehension skills are refined through the study of American literature in relation to the history and development of America. Emphasis is placed on the expansion of vocabulary (SAT included), and reading comprehension” (WCPS course catalog).


The class rules are as follows:

                        1. Come to class on time and prepared to learn.

                        2. Be respectful to your teacher, your classmates, and yourself.

                        3. No cheating!

                        4. The teacher will dismiss the class; the bell will not.

                        5. No eating, drinking, or grooming in class.

                        6. County and school rules concerning cell phones will be followed; phones are to be placed out of sight unless               students have been given permission to use them in class.

            We will be reading novels, completing grammar exercises, and working on writing, including a research paper. Copies of the assigned novels will be issued to students, and there will be a $10 fine if these are lost or damaged.

            You will need the following materials for this class:

                        -A three-ring binder (at least one inch)

                        -Loose leaf paper

                        -Dividers (minimum of five)

                        -Pencil or blue or black pen

-Creative materials (markers, crayons, etc. (optional because some will be provided in class)


            Grading System:

            40% - major tests, formal papers, projects, etc.

            25% - vocabulary quizzes

            20% - classwork/homework

            15% - journals

            WCPS grading scale:

            A = Excellent                 =90-100

            B = Good                      =80-89

            C = Average                  =70-79

            D = Poor                       =60-69

            F = Failing                    =Below 60

            You will be responsible for make-up work. It must be completed within five days after you return from your absence. You will be provided a list of what you missed, and there will be an area in the room where you can find what you missed; you may also ask me or your classmates if you have questions.

            During the semester, if you find that you have questions or need extra assistance, ASK IMMEDIATELY!

            It is important that you are in class everyday. We cover a great deal of material during each ninety minute class period, especially when we begin the research paper process. If you have to be out, then you need to be responsible and make up the work. Students having more than 6 unexcused absences for this class period will be in immediate jeopardy of not receiving credit for the course. Students must be present a minimum of one hour to be counted present for the class period.

There will be homework assignments, but not an excessive amount. I do not assign homework without purpose; therefore, when there is homework assigned, you are expected to have it complete and ready to turn in the next day.

            If you come in this class with a good attitude, ready to listen, and ready to work hard, this semester will be a success!

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