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Identification of Students


 Wayne County Public Schools will initiate a three-step process for identification of potential candidates for academically gifted services.  This ongoing process will include screening, identification/assessment, and placement in appropriate service options at all grade levels with multiple points of entry.  Information gathered in each of these phases will be used to guide the decisions regarding student needs.

A.                 Candidates’ Screening

1.      Each school site will develop a local pool of students who are possibly qualified for and in need of appropriate service options.  This pool will reflect sensitivity to economic conditions, gender, development differences and diversity of students so that equal opportunities for consideration are provided to all students.  Information gathered in each of these phases will be used to guide the decisions regarding student needs.

2.   Each school site will review the standardized cognitive test scores for individuals scoring at the ninety-third (93rd) percentile and/or achievement test scores for individuals scoring at the ninety-fifth (95th) percentile or above.

3.   Each school site will receive referrals from teachers, parents, peers, others including self-nomination of individuals who demonstrate performance potential and the need for academic differentiation.

B.         Site Committee

1.   Each school site will develop an Academically/Intellectually Gifted Review Committee to evaluate a student’s eligibility, to determine if further assessment is needed, or to refer to an appropriate program option.  Transfer students who have been previously identified in another system will be reviewed and observed for a minimum of one grading period before placement options are determined.  The length of time between referrals for an individual student will be a minimum of one school year.  WCPS AIG students will continue service regardless of movement within the system.  All students will be expected to maintain the academic/intellectual standards on which they are identified and placed.

2.   Committee members shall include a grade-level teacher, a teacher familiar with the student, a school counselor, the academically/intellectually gifted specialist, and the principal or his/her designee.

3.     If further assessment is deemed necessary, a formal referral will be made to the academically/intellectually gifted coordinator for action.
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