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MS/HS Director of Mathematics

The Wayne County Public Schools' Mathematics Program is designed to provide all students with the mathematical knowledge, skills, and confidence that they will need to compete in a technology-oriented workforce and to be mathematically informed citizens.  The heart of mathematics is considered to be reasoning, which, together with knowledge of appropriate mathematical content, forms the basis of mathematical power. The vision of the Wayne County Public Schools' Mathematics Program is to provide exemplary mathematical instruction that will enable all students to develop mathematical power and confidence in their ability to do mathematics. The math program's mission is to provide exemplary mathematics instruction for the purpose of producing learners who comprehend concepts, operations, and relationships in mathematics as well as proficiency in computation and the application of those concepts, thereby maximizing achievement for all students.

North Carolina teachers and students in kindergarten through 12th grade will follow the most up-to-date version of the NC Standard Course of Study for Mathematics.
For grades 6-8, the currently used mathematics standard course of study was revised in 2010. The NC State Board of Education adopted the 2017 K-8 Math Revisions in June 2017 with implementation to occur beginning with school year 2018-19.
For the high school courses NC Math 1, NC Math 2 , and NC Math 3, the standard course of study being used was revised in 2016. The remaining high school math courses continue to follow the 2003 Math Standard Course of Study with revisions to occur within the next couple of years.
Revisions of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study occur to improve the mathematics program throughout North Carolina. Revisions are necessary to provide the most appropriate instructional content that will enable students to make better connections between topics, to see the relevancy of what they are learning, and to go more in-depth at each grade level. The designated standards for each math grade level or high school math course are identified to help students throughout their math program of study to prepare for career and college readiness."

In mathematics, the major shift over the past few years is in the depth of the curriculum. Students will continue to learn and master many of the same basic concepts that are so critical in mathematics, but their lessons and studies will be organized to allow students to learn the concepts at a greater level of understanding and depth.

The NC Standard Course of Study for Mathematics is about:
  1. better conceptual understanding. For example, students should not just "do" fraction problems.  They should really understand what fractions are, when to use them, what they mean, and how they relate to other math concepts and procedures as well as how to solve problems that involve fractions
  2. mastery of procedural skills. Students need to be proficient in arithmetic skills, calculation skills, and also procedural skills to work with and solve equations.
  3. application to the real world. Using mathematics skills to solve real problems is the goal.
Parents may notice that student homework looks different than in the past. Rather than a long list of homework math problems that are all fundamentally the same, parents may see math homework that contains fewer problems and different kinds of problems that are more in-depth. Students may be asked to write about their math problems and solutions. 

Parents can help their students by asking them questions about what they are learning. Ask more "why" questions at home.  Ask students for examples of their work and what they are learning. Take the opportunity to ask students to use what they are learning at school. Activities such as car trips, grocery shopping, reading the morning newspaper, or watching the news offer opportunities to ask students to apply what they are learning. 
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