Model Educator

Are you a Wayne County MODEL Teacher?

Master Teacher
  • Develops and implements lesson plans that align with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study/Pacing Guides. 
  • Participates in professional learning communities, as well as vertical alignment planning including all stakeholders.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of interconnectedness of content areas, emphasizing STEM education.
  • Delivers a balanced curriculum that is relevant to all students.
  • Incorporates 21st century skills into their teaching.
  • Integrates global awareness activities throughout lesson plans and classroom instructional practices.
  • Encourages student application of 21st century skills.
  • Utilization of Inquiry Based Learning practices.


        Lesson plans

        Documentation of PLC and vertical planning 

        Student work/products

        Planning logs

        Parent conference and participation logs    

Classroom Evidence

       (1)  Objectives/essential questions are visible and are referenced during all lessons.

       (2)  Critical thinking and problem solving skills are integrated into the curriculum.

       (3)  Critical thinking and problem solving are promoted by use of collaboration, cooperative      

              learning, technology, centers and differentiated instruction.

(4)    Creative student work displayed.

(5)    Use of technology displayed and integrated in all content areas.

(6)    Utilizes a variety of technology to facilitate instruction.

(7)    Integration of content areas is evident in student work samples and projects. (STEM)



Obligation to a Respectful Learning          


  • Establishes an environment that is inviting, respectful, supportive, inclusive and flexible for all students.
  • Maintains a safe, orderly classroom environment.
  • Collaborates and plans with support specialists to ensure student achievement.
  • Collaborates with families to promote partnerships that will increase student achievement and encourage life-long learning.
  • Embraces diversity in the school community and the world.
  • Treats students as individuals.
  • Understands ethical obligations.


        Documentation of collaboration with support specialists

        Classroom management plan

  Development and maintenance of Personalized Education Plans

  Utilization of Individualized Education Plans 

        Documentation of parent conferences

Classroom Evidence

(1)   Classroom management plan maintains and encourages a respectful learning environment.

(2)   Classroom environment is inviting, respectful, supportive, inclusive, and flexible.

(3)   Parents/community are welcomed and involved in student learning. 

(4)   Communicates effectively with parents, colleagues and the community.

(5)   Materials and texts reflect a variety of culture contributions and their role in shaping global issues.     



Demonstrates Leadership

=         Uses a variety of data sources to organize, plan and set goals that meet the needs of individual students.

=         Promotes student ownership in learning.

=         Prepares students for life in the 21st century.

=         Creates a culture that empowers students to collaborate and become life-long learners.

=         Works collaboratively with school personnel.

=         Assists in development and implementation of school improvement plan.

=         Provides leadership in instruction, school wide programs, or district initiatives.



            Documentation of PLC and vertical planning          

            Knowledgeable of vision, mission, and goals of the county/school

            Evidence of leadership roles and participation in program planning and implementation.

Classroom Evidence

(1)    Vision, mission and goals of the county/school are communicated to students,  parents

       and the community effectively.

(2)    Individualized, small group and classroom instruction reflects strategies that meet the   

       needs of diverse learners.

(3)    Ethical practices and standards are modeled and evident in daily routines.





Effective Instructor

=         Understands the influences on student learning and differentiated instruction.

=         Utilizes data to create short and long range planning.

=         Engages students in the learning process.

=         Implements a variety of instructional methods.

=         Integrates technology in instruction.        

=         Encourages critical thinking and problem solving skills.

=         Organizes learning teams to encourage cooperation and collaboration.

=         Demonstrates effective communication skills.

=         Utilizes a variety of assessment methods.

=         Utilization of Project Based Learning.

=         Utilization of Inquiry Based Learning.

=         Integration of STEN education practices.

=         Engages students in the use of technology.


              Lesson plans

              Student portfolios/work

              Reflection logs

              Anecdotal notes

              Student/teacher conference logs

              Integration of Marzano’s higher level instructional strategies 

              Student interest surveys

Classroom Evidence

(1)    Scoring rubrics are displayed.

(2)    Cooperative learning groups are utilized.

(3)    Visibility of students participating in instructional presentations and assessments.

(4)    Use of technology displayed and integrated in content areas.

(5)    Use of a variety of technology to facilitate instruction.     

(6)    Higher order thinking skills are evident through student participation and engagement. 

Life-long Learner

  • Participates/facilitates in ongoing, high quality professional development.
  • Investigates and implements new ideas that will improve teaching and learning.
  • Adapts instructional practices based on data.
  • Participates/facilitates in professional learning communities.
  • Continuously enhances technology skills.


      Individual Growth Plan


      National Board Certification

      Higher degrees

      Participates in professional organizations

      Data notebooks utilized to monitor student progress      

      Use of technology for administrative/instructional purposes

Classroom Evidence 

(1)    Advance certificates, diplomas, and awards are displayed.

(2)  Use of a variety of technology to facilitate instruction. 
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