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Since 1995, the district"s Partners In Education program has allowed businesses and organizations to make significant contributions to our schools by donating time, expertise, materials and funds. Partners in Education is a cooperative agreement between a business or an organization with a school or schools. The partnership is a two-way street. The community partner contributes to the welfare of the school, its students, and its staff. Typical areas of service include dedicating time, materials, and financial resources to benefit the school. Schools also contribute by providing the talents of students and staff to give their Partner recognition and other services. 
Partners In Education recognize the important role they have in our schools. We are grateful for the priceless contributions they make to our students and staff members. Each spring, the district recognizes an outstanding volunteer, as well as a Partner In Education who goes above and beyond to support a school.
Research shows that partnerships:
  • Foster a better understanding of the school system and its programs

  • Improve quality of life and community stability

  • Extend learning opportunities for all

Who can participate?
  • All types of businesses; examples include utility companies, production plants, banks, restaurants, real estate agencies, and retail stores

  • Civic clubs and other service and volunteer organizations as well as faith-based organizations

The Partners in Education Mission

The quality and well-being of a public school system are key factors in the economic growth and the future of a community. Strong partnerships between local schools and businesses and community groups can help ensure that Wayne County Public Schools are the best that they can be.

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Current Partners

What Can Partners Do for Schools?

  • Participate in a lunch buddy program (in-school mentoring)

  • Tutoring after school

  • Sponsor career day activities or extracurricular activities such as math clubs

  • Plan a field trip to your work location

  • Host a business/education exchange; teachers visit your location to better understand the skills their students will need to know

  • Review resumes & conduct mock interviews

  • Provide motivational speakers for teachers

  • Assist with fall festivals and other fundraising events

  • Provide incentives to potential dropouts to encourage graduation; recognize students for good behavior

  • Provide seminars to students, faculty, and parents

  • Donate materials, equipment, etc.

  • Serve as a volunteer for half a day

  • Initiate teacher recognition and scholarships

  • Hold a dress down day at work and donate money raised to your school

  • Support a mentoring program between workers and students

  • Assist with Exceptional Childrens classes

  • Read a book to students

  • Sponsor a Christmas card contest for students at your partner school and use the card for your business Christmas card.

  • Provide tickets for productions, school events, etc.

  • Allow businesses to judge contests, art work, etc.

  • Distribute school newsletter to businesses

  • Feature/promote business in newsletter and website

  • Provide entertainment for company events

  • Display student artwork at partners office

  • Volunteer students as interns

  • Submit a student column for company newsletters

  • Honor partner with a ceremony to reaffirm the relationship

  • Send partners student thank-you notes

  • Conduct a tour of the school

  • Give update on partner at PTA meeting

  • Make partner presentations at Awards Day programs

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