Process and Timeline for Identification

WCPS AIG Program begins the process for identification in the first semester of the fourth grade.  Students who achieve a score of 93% on the Cognitive Abilities test (taken the previous year in third grade), who are recommended for screening by a teacher or administrator, who may have an identification from another school system or are nominated for screening by a parent or another student will be placed in a talent pool for screening by the AIG Specialist assigned to elementary school.  This screening consists of test evaluation, teacher input, and student performance and motivation. 

Students can continue to be nominated for screening in grades 4-12 during the testing cycle if the student has a subject area NC EOG or NC EOC score of 95% or higher, strong teacher or administrator recommendation, identification from a previous school system, or a recommendation from a parent.  The screening process usually takes a few weeks to complete and consists of test evaluation, teacher input, and student performance and motivation.

The following is a typical timeline for identification:

September        Talent Pools are finalized

October            Cycle One Testing and Parent meetings

February          Cycle Two Testing and Parent meetings  

If a student is recommended for screening or enters a Wayne County school during a time outside the testing cycle, the student will be screened and evaluated during the next testing cycle.  WCPS AIG will accept identification based on a previous school identification criteria and test results.  WCPS will review the student at the end of the school year to ensure that placement in WCPS AIG program is appropriate.  This will apply to students in grades 4-12. Students entering a school with records showing a previous identification will need to notify the AIG Specialist at the school through the guidance counselor or by parent contact.
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