Report Cards

Report Cards

 Grading Periods Wayne County Public Schools is on nine weeks grading periods for grades K-12. Please refer to the school calendar as to when the grading periods end and when report cards are scheduled to go home. 

Academic Standards Grading Scale – Grades K-2
 IV Outstanding
 III Accomplishes successfully 
II Needs improvement 
I Unsatisfactory 

Grading Scale – Grades 3-5
 90 – 100 A Superior 
80 – 89 B Above Average
 70 – 79 C Average 
60 – 69 D Below Average
 Below 59 F Failure 


Grading periods are nine weeks in length.  Progress reports should be sent home during each grading period to ensure effective home/school communications.

End of Grading Period

Report Card Distribution Date

Oct. 14

Oct. 22

Dec. 17

Jan. 7

Mar. 17

Mar. 25

June 8

June 8

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