School Nutrition Office Staff

 Dewana Faison
 School Nutrition Director  705-6139 [email protected]
 Debra Laughlin Supervisor 705-6145 [email protected]
 Sherry Grady Supervisor 705-6130
 Sorita Staton Bookkeeper 705-6142 
 Kim Trent Accounting Clerk 705-6131 [email protected]
 Nina Armstrong Accounting Clerk 705-6137 [email protected]

School Nutrition Cafeteria Staff

 School Cafeteria Manager E-Mail
 Brogden Middle Alice Cook [email protected]
 Brogden Primary Cindy Moody [email protected]
 Carver Elementary Arlisa Outlaw [email protected]
 Carver Heights Elementary Joe Hill  [email protected]
 C.B. Aycock High Lisa Woodard [email protected]
 Dillard Middle Kimberly Alston [email protected]
 Eastern Wayne Elementary Barbara Cornett [email protected]
 Eastern Wayne High Markeshia Mervin [email protected]
 Eastern Wayne Middle Marcy Capps [email protected]
 Edgewood CDS Yashika Mervin [email protected]
 Fremont ElementaryTammy Mooring [email protected]
 Goldsboro High Lisa Wade Taylor [email protected]
 Grantham Primary Tammy Davis [email protected]
 Grantham Middle Barbara Pierce [email protected]
 Greenwood Middle Marsha Coley [email protected]
 Meadow Lane Elementary Linda McCarty [email protected]
 Mt. Olive Middle Peggy Smith [email protected]
 North Drive Elementary Maria Wallace [email protected] 
 Northeast Elementary LaTanya Fennell [email protected]
 Northwest Elementary Sherry Johnson [email protected]
 Norwayne Middle Jennifer Baker [email protected]
 Rosewood Elementary Loretta Crumpler [email protected]
 Rosewood High Lynn Swearingen [email protected]
 Rosewood Middle Nanette Northam [email protected]
 SSELC  Shelonda Smith [email protected]
 Southern Wayne High Lisa Howard [email protected]
 Spring Creek Elementary Sheri Holland [email protected]
 Spring Creek High Tracy Jones [email protected]
 Spring Creek Middle Carla Price [email protected]
 Tommy's Road Elementary Shanyuae Coley-Moore [email protected]
 Wayne Academy High Sarah Plummer [email protected]
 Wayne Early Middle Sarah Plummer [email protected]
 Wayne School of Technical Arts Lisa Wade Taylor[email protected]
 Wayne School Of Engineering Lisa Wade Taylor [email protected]
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