Speech Impaired Services

Please be aware that school-based speech impaired services have evolved over the years, reflecting a change in focus of federal and state laws governing our programs and services for children with disabilities.  As a result, school-based speech services widely differ from speech services provided in private and medical setting.

In a school setting, the IEP (Individualized Education Plan) team (which consists of the speech-language pathologist, teacher, local education agency representative, and parent(s) determine if:
(1) a speech-language impairment exist

(2) if the impairment impacts a  a student’s ability to access their educational curriculum

(3) if  specially designed instruction is required

If so, our priority is to address the communication needs in the least restrictive educational setting possible.

Wayne County Speech-Language Pathologists work with children in preschool and school settings.

If you have questions about our speech services for preschool children, please contact Rhonda Wiggins, Preschool Program Specialist at (919) 705-2707.

If you have questions about your school age child’s speech and language skills, please contact the school your child attends, and ask to speak to the speech-language pathologist on staff.  The SLP will be happy to speak with you regarding age appropriate speech-language skills, how to develop these skills, and when assessment/intervention may be warranted.

Any other questions about the speech language program can be directed to:

Jennifer Lewis, Lead Speech-Language Pathologist, at (919) 705-2707.
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