Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Mario Re, Principal:  [email protected]
Lynette Wilson, Assistant Principal:  [email protected]

Office Staff
Lisa Taylor, Receptionist:  [email protected]
Doretta Adams, Data Manager: [email protected]
Anna Andrew, Bookkeeper: [email protected]

Media Center
Karen Williams, Media Coordinator:  [email protected]

School Counselor
Cassandra Best: [email protected]

6th Grade Teachers
Charles Hunter, Science and Math:  [email protected]
Jennifer Mintz, ELA and Social Studies: [email protected]
Zsajauna Taylor, Math:  [email protected]
Sandra Johnson, ELA:  [email protected]
Andy Forsleff, Science and Social Studies:  [email protected]

7th Grade Teachers
Charlie O'Neal, Math and Science: [email protected]
Tondalyo Clark, ELA and Social Studies:  [email protected]
Parrington Chimombe, Math:  [email protected]
Cassie Penner, ELA:  [email protected]
Shakerya Morrison, Science and Social Studies:  [email protected]

8th Grade Teachers
Benjoe Laforteza, Math and Science:  [email protected]
Revelene Hutchins, ELA and Social Studies: [email protected]
Neisha Sterling, ELA and Social Studies: [email protected]
Amy Wood, Math and Science:  [email protected]

Physical Education Teachers
Robert Grant: [email protected]
Tomekia Waters:  [email protected]

Elective Teachers
Trenecia Vaughn, Business Education:  [email protected]
Cierra Reid, Chorus/Music (2nd semester only): [email protected]
Michael Daughtry, Drama (1st semester only): [email protected]
Janine Sullivan, Art (1st semester only): [email protected]

EC Resource
Naomi Williams, 7th and 8th grade resource: [email protected]
Terri Abrams, 7th and 8th grade self-contained: [email protected]
Jennifer McCurdy, 6th grade self-contained: [email protected]

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